v confused, dvd recorder + VHS or PVR or HDD

  louiseyes 18:16 31 Jan 2007

I was thinking of getting Panasonic DMR-EZ45VEBS as my philips 3320v dvd/vhs doesn't read all old tapes, so plugged in old vhs - a lot of changing leads each time wanted to watch tv.
However once I started reading forum it looked as if I should save up for one with HDD? Or is it better to invest in a better model without the VHS deck.
I was also unsure if I also needed a PVR (not sure what that is). I have a sony freeview box, but if I want to record I cant watch another channel.
My tv is not new and the automatic tune in is not brilliant so some channels have shadows. I am hoping new purchase will help - or will I need a new tv?
Very grateful for all help. Thankyou

  fudge 13:58 01 Feb 2007

depends whether you just want to record something to watch later or want to save it permanently.

A PVR (personal video recorder) with a twin tuner and hard disc will enable you to watch one channel and record another (sometimes 2 others depending on which mux the programmes are broadcast on). depending on the size of the hard drive you could get up to 200 hours or more stored on the hard drive, more than enough for normal use. These recorded programmes can then be transferred to either a DVD or VHS, depending on which format recorder you have.

Obviously, DVD will be better quality but if you already have a video recorder you might want to save some money at this stage. If your TV is getting on and the picture quality is poor you may want to upgrade but if the picture is good from your Sony digibox it probably won't be any better from a PVR.

Twin tuner PVR's can be bought for well under £200 now and will revolutionise the way you watch TV. You can instantly record and watch any time, pause live TV (great for when the phone goes) and loads more useful functions. For more information go to click here

  louiseyes 17:07 01 Feb 2007

Thank you fudge

I would wish to transfer certain things to dvd, but obviously not all. At the moment I use RW+ and delete anything I don't need.

I do have VHS tapes that I need to convert but know once they done probably would not use VHS deck again. Do you know if having a comb DVD/VHS lowers the quality and therefore better to get a DVD only.

Also I am presuming that HDMI is better then scart. Do these connections plug into tv's with scart only or is a adaptor needed? I understand also its worth investing in a good one. I have looked as I wanted to get a good scart too, and there are so many I don't know how to choose. Is it best to just go for anything over £60 or is there a great make??

Thanks for help.

  exdragon 19:26 01 Feb 2007

I was going to get a recordable pve, but realised that there was very little on TV I would want to keep. I bought a pvr - Humax (click here) which is great. Certainly cheaper than the recordable ones and records Freeview.

I've still got my existing video/dvd recorder, so it and the pvr are all linked up to the tv. Have a look at this website too click here

  fudge 15:49 05 Feb 2007

You're in the same boat as thousands of others, with video stored on an (almost) obsolete format(VHS but still wanting to be able to watch it sometimes! The answer for many is a combo unit where you can watch them on the VCR or copy them to DVD. As far as I'm aware there should be no difference in quality, but bear in mind, just as with everything, some models will be better than others. A combo will also mean one less piece of equipment and one less remote!

As for the scart lead, the more you pay the better it's likely to be - up to a point. There's plenty of good scart leads for about £20 - £25 and it's doubtful if you'll notice the difference from a more expensive one on a typical set-up. Try to arrange the set-up so you use as short a cable as possible though. QED and Ixos are a couple of names but have a look at this click here.

Hope this helps.

  louiseyes 17:55 05 Feb 2007

thank you all - much appreciated

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