Usinig Winmdows Movie Maker

  jack 17:26 12 May 2008

One of my flock asked me
"So OK I put it on the Storyboard, stop it halfway at a suitable point and
click on the 'Split' button and then save the resulting two clips now on the
Storyboard. I now have two identical files - the original
ruralhealthindia.mpg (16 minutes long) and ruralhealthindia2.wmv (also 16
minutes long).

So please, how can I really really split it?"

And I have to say - I have not a clue.

What shall I tell him?

  ravingdave 19:44 12 May 2008

When you save you save everything that is on the storyboard - so in this case both segements of video.

To generate two separate files you need to:
- put your original file on storyboard
- play and stop at the desired split point
(the storyboard should now show 2 segments)
- now select file / 'save project' and call it a suitable name (eg videowithsplit).
- now go to storyboard and right click on the second video segement, and select delete.
- now select 'save movie file', and this will save the first segment as a separate .wmv file.
- now select 'open project', and re-open the file you saved earlier (videowithsplit). This will bring back your storyboard with both segments
- this time right click on the first video segment and select delete
- select 'save movie file' again, and this will save the second part of the split as another .wmv file

  jack 20:31 12 May 2008

Movies are noty my subject so will simply pass it as is
Thanx once

  jack 08:15 13 May 2008

From the guy himself
Your explanation did the trick
Now you can see the piece on U Tube
If you are interested see
click here
click here
click here

  jack 08:39 13 May 2008

Tom Holloway - the producer of the three items
One time IBM Honcho in UK and Advisor on IT to HM Government- and the the U3A [University of the Third Age - my flock ]and a mate - spend part of his retirement time each year 'helping out' in India

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