Using emoticons changes text message to mms!

  Throbber 15:52 17 Feb 2014

Have just upgraded from samsung galaxy ace with Virgin Mobile to Samsung S4 with Three. Whenever I add an emoticon to a text message, the message converts to a multimedia message, for which I get charged 35 pence. This did not happen with Virgin, but Three tell me this is correct. My brother has the same Three contract as me, but has an iPhone 5, and this does not happen for him. Three say it just depends on the device. Is there a workaround for this on my S4, or do I just have to live without emoticons? Which would be a pity.

  Throbber 14:43 26 Mar 2014

Contacted Samsung. They say there was a flaw in the S4 software which they are working on, and should have a solution which will be rolled out in a software update "in a few weeks." I await the update with interest.

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