US "Google S4" in UK?

  ajw270867 13:46 01 Jun 2013

If a UK person goes over on holiday to the USA, gets a Google Galaxy S4, brings it back over and inserts in a UK Sim / micro Sim, will she/ he be disappointed? It certainly ought to be able to pick up the networks as a US citizen will be expecting the phone to operate and for him to be on some roaming price plan when in the UK.

There is bound to be a showstopping flaw in the above plan. Please can someone point it out?

  wiz-king 16:47 04 Jun 2013

Yes/maybe. Cellphone frequencies differ so phone might not work - more research needed.

  Woolwell 12:01 05 Jun 2013

Lack of support and customs duty are also things to consider.

  ajw270867 13:22 05 Jun 2013

well we can bring into the UK goods valued at £390 before tax / duty costs start. But if the customs officer is having anything other than a really good time, we can pay duty on the whole item value, not just the part over £390.

Lack of support is probably a good thought - it is one thing to bring back say a Samsung Galaxy S4 which is available in the UK; however to return with something not released in the UK would probably mean that UK support organisations are within their rights to refuse to help.

Then again - my HTC Desire has not played up since I got it..... and although there are plenty of horror stories about mobile phone nightmares probably, put those into percentage context and it will be small out of the worldwide total of each type of mobile.

Thank you both for your comments - the phone frequencies are only a problem if the US seller says it won't work in the UK? Most phones are Tri / Quad band anyway?

  Woolwell 15:40 05 Jun 2013

You want to check that you can get Android updates through Kies.

Many phones are tri or quad band but some are not. I don't think that you need worry about an S4 though. I took an S1 to USA and didn't have a problem.

  ajw270867 14:10 16 Jun 2013

FYI - As the UK prices are currently a minimum of £500 to buy outright, but IF anything went wrong with a US phone AND any UK support refused to touch it, I decided the lesser of any real - or perceived - evils is to buy outright in the UK and stop worrying unless it breaks.

I am now the proud owner of a white S4. Also re the comments of "plasticky" back cover - it is a total irrelevance.

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