upgrading to digital / recording, advice needed

  BrightEyes13 15:42 08 Jun 2008

I currently have a non-freeview tv, sony DVD player DVP NS30 and VCR.
I want to keep things as simple as possible to set-up, and also want to keep to a minimum the amount of ‘stuff’ around the tv, so I’m considering upgrading to these –

- Sony KDL-20S3020 20” Widescreen Bravia HD Ready LCD with Freeview (currently £289.99 on amazon)
- Sony RDR – HXD870 DVD recorder with 160GB Hard Drive and Freeview

My wonders are -
A – am I right in thinking I will be able to play region 1 dvd’s on the above dvd player/tv (NTSC compatible)?
B - would I be able to connect my VCR to these and still watch videos?
Currently my VCR is just connected to the TV via a lead (no scart, but has a scart socket). The external ariel is connected to the VCR. My current tv has 1 scart socket, but we use a scart extender for the DVD player, Playstation2 and SNES.
C – I need to be able to record one station whilst watching another (record to either the hard drive or DVD),would the above do the job relatively simply?

I’d like them to last me a good long while, I’m not especially technical language minded, so I’d appreciate any help or advice you can throw at me.
Many thanks for your time

  100andthirty 17:02 08 Jun 2008

you could do worse than have a look at one of these - effectively converts your existing TV into a freeview device and as it has two tuners you can record one thing whilst watching another (or record two things or watch one recording whilst recording another)

click here

  jack 17:48 08 Jun 2008

Is get a digital box.
The connection sequence would be aerial to Digibox out to DVD out to VCR out to TV.
An auto SCART switcher with SCART from Switcher to TV and into the switcher the SCART from the respective boxes.

This will allow you to watch Digi/DVD/VCR with out cross pollution.

If you want to Record Digi the the VCR will need 2 SCARTS.
The record Digital in a better light replace the DVD player with a PVR[DVD recorder and Harddrive]

  BrightEyes13 20:42 11 Jun 2008

Thanks, the above advice is appreciated. From what I understand 1 tuner means 1 channel to record on, whilst 2 tuners means being able to record a channel and watch another – is this right?

So in that case would I need a freeview TV (or separate set top box but I'd prefer to get a '2in1' to lessen on 'stuff') and DVD recorder with freeview? (The Humax would not be as useful to me as I need to record onto DVD, not just the hard drive).
I hope that made sense, thanks for your help

  jack 09:12 12 Jun 2008

One thing to look out for with integrated Analogue/Digi TV's is it must must have an 'OutPut' connector to allow an external recorder to connect.
TV's generally are considered 'End of Line - e.g. - All inputs - no outputs.
A HDD/DVD device [any make] will serve your purpose
My Sony for example- will record to HDD from, its own terrestrial tuner or the [external] digital box.
It will then 'Dub' from HDD to DVD.
It will with suitable rearranging of connectors
record from the VHS - to HDD , then 'dub' to DVD.
Of which I have/am doing a lot of recently mainly for other folk - a much simpler task than messing trying to do it via a computer.
A second tuner in the HDD/DVD as well -is a bonus.

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