Unable to locate all the BBC Olympic channels on

  Armchair 12:47 09 Aug 2008


Got BBC1 and channel 302, but I can't locate channel 301.

This is an ancient IDTV, and the built-in digibox only has 100 channel slots. I have had a go at manual tuning, but it's like looking for a proverbial needle in a haystack, and I don't want to do an auto. tune because it might mess things up, lol.

Anyone know the channel number and server I should enter for 301? 302 is channel 62, on server 01, but I can't find 301.........

Hope that all makes sense to someone out there!

  Stuartli 13:20 09 Aug 2008

Try retuning (scanning) the channels. An auto tune is exactly that and will prove far more effective than manually tuning.

Winter Hill (which serves my area) delivers 90 channels at present, composed of TV, radio and data channels, so 100 is more than enough for the present.

You can call up channels 301 and 302 by using the remote control or via BBCi (red button) if they are transmitting related programmes.

  Roadgiant 07:04 10 Aug 2008

If your having problems, give this link on the internet a try:- click here
It's live feeds from the Olympics, only appears to work on Internet Explorer and there is no commentary.Also looks like there's a bigger choice of viewing.

  Armchair 10:55 10 Aug 2008

Cheers, but I just use Firefox now.

Looks like an automatic channel scan or do without channel 301, then. I'll make do with the two channels. Probably not missing much, anyway.

  Stuartli 11:54 10 Aug 2008

The BBC is also using Channel 81 (BBC Parliament) for Olympics coverage - it's accessed via the red button (BBCi).

You've got absolutely nothing to lose with an automatic scan - it's done anyway when changes to the Freeview service are made...:-)

  Armchair 12:10 16 Aug 2008

I actually carried out an auto. scan, and lost loads of channels! Just manually re-tuned News 24, now I have others to try and find. Sky News has gone for a start. So has 302.

As stated this is an old IDTV, a Sony. It only has 100 digital channel slots, and when you auto. tune, you always lose loads of them. I could manually re-tune them in one by one. This would be much easier if I could find the damned channel and service numbers! I can't, though.

North East, Pontop Pike transmitter. Channel and service number for individual digital channels, anyone?

  Armchair 12:10 16 Aug 2008

Btw, can I unresolve this topic?!

  Stuartli 13:48 16 Aug 2008

You state it's an old IDTV TV set and therein probably lies the problem - it just cannot cope with the latest digital technology transmissions on Freeview.

It's something that has also affected older set top boxes by, amongst others, Daewoo and Bush (some of the latter are rebadged Daewoo models).


click here

  Stuartli 13:49 16 Aug 2008

You can get Freeview set top boxes (to connect to your TV) from as little as £10 upwards now.

  Armchair 17:26 16 Aug 2008

S'alright now. I twigged that Pontop Pike sends the digital channels on six 'branches' (No, I don't know the correct terminology!), numbered 48, 53, 55, 59, 62, and 65. From those 'branches' 'grow' (plenty of ' in this post, lol) the services. eg Dave is on Channel 65, Service 09 etc.

I've been able to manually tune in every channel this afternoon, and I've made a list of them all for future reference. The only one I haven't found so far is The Hits, but I can live without that!

If anyone wants any advice on finding channels on older didgi. boxes/sets, just ask here and I'll help.


  Stuartli 20:57 16 Aug 2008

You are referring to Multiplexes, sometimes called a MUX - there are six of them carrying the various Freeview TV and radio channels.

Even so the channel numbers are (should be) the same from whichever transmitter you receive your digital programmes...:-)

The numbers you list appear to be/are the analogue channels.

By the way, The Hits became 4Music as from today.....

A list of the various channels and the Multiplexes used:

click here

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