Ulead Video Studio9 not playing on DVD player

  Emi 09:07 12 Jul 2006

Hi all. I have created a photo slide-show DVD to music with the Ulead Video Studio9, burned it to DVD and played it on my DVD player fine. However it is photographs of a wedding but will not play on several other peoples DVD player including the bride and grooms! Is this a common problem? What do I do here as I have spent time putting it together, how frustrating. Any ideas?
Thanks Emi

  fazer 12:59 12 Jul 2006

It could be incompatability with whatever type of DVD you used - DVD-R/+R etc. (particularly so in older machines). My DVD player does not play DVD+R for example.

Or it could be a formatting issue - avi, mpeg etc.

  Emi 14:29 12 Jul 2006

Okay that is interesting. Is there a way to guarantee that is will play on all machines? Is there a package that will work on older machinges? I am promising this package to couples as a wedding package so need to get this one sorted.

Also the Ulead Videostudio doesnt seem to have a choice of how to save it (avi or mpeg etc). You just click on BURN and it does everything else.

  De Marcus™ 15:02 12 Jul 2006

Ulead is fine, when you click burn it begins the encoding and converts your compilation to dvd player recognisable files.

Only other thing to suggest would be as fazer has mentioned, try DVD-R disks and burn at the slowest speed you can.

  Emi 15:12 12 Jul 2006

Thank for all this advice. De Marcus, you say to burn at the slowest speed you can. Do you know if there is an option on Ulead VideoStudio to enable me to this?

I had a look but there does not appear to be a choice when you go to burn at the end.

  De Marcus™ 15:25 12 Jul 2006

I don't use Ulead so I can't advise much, suffice to say, check under project settings or something similar.

  Emi 16:01 12 Jul 2006

Should I look at the Project Properties options box?
1) it says MPEG files or Microsoft AVI files (for which I chose MPEG files)
2) options of compression size (?)
3)choice of Media Type (MPEG1, MPEG2, NTSC DVD, PAL DVD, etc) to which it is set to PAL DVD.(?)
3) Video Data rate (?)
As you can see I am new to this. Thanks Emiis

  De Marcus™ 20:41 12 Jul 2006

As mentioned I'm not familiar with Ulead V9, but in the meantime I'll download a trial version and see if I can help further, unless a user of such program pops in to say hello...

  De Marcus™ 21:14 12 Jul 2006

Unfortunately I could only get Ulead Video 10 but the settings may translate to video 9

To change the burn speed you ned to click on the circled object click here

  fazer 21:33 12 Jul 2006


I wish I could help you more but I use Pinnacle software.

However, before you get too worried about the format, try using as De Marcus' suggested, some DVD-R disks. These are the most compatable for domestic DVD players.

Without suggesting defeatism and purely for interest, Microsoft have a free programme called "photostory" which is designed for projects like yours (images as opposed to video). The reason I suggest you consider this programme is because if Ulead is anything like Pinnacle, it could be overtly too complicated for the task in mind; and I am speaking from experience - Pinnacle for true video files, Microsoft for quick and simple slide shows (with music)!

  Emi 09:45 13 Jul 2006

Thank for for your help. This has been really helpful. This morning and I will look into changeing the burn speed as have already created the wedding album program but thanks for suggesting 'photostory' as for possible future use, it probably will be easier.

Thanks again. Emi

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