Ulead - multi tasking when burning DVD

  eddiejackr 13:00 22 Mar 2006

I am currently trying out Ulead Video Studio 9 - it seems a good package, but I do seem to be able to do other things on the pC while a DVD is burning (which took over 3 hours - so it's quite a big disadvantage. While the DVD was burning I couldn't even minimise the progress screen.

Does anyone know if there is some way of overcoming this. Otherwise Nero seems better because I can do other tasks while the dvd burns.

  fazer 12:58 23 Mar 2006

Unless you have a powerful computer (paticularly so in respect of RAM)then you will always struggle with any video/imaging software. I personally recommend at least 1Gb of RAM.

However, three hours does seem a little excessive - have you tried minimising all non-essential background processes?

I was intrigued when you mentioned Ulead. I also trialled Ulead (video) some time ago and basicly threw it out after a few days because it did seem "power hungry." Similarly, I still have a copy of Uleads Photoimpact and same comment really - very power hungry and in my personal opinion, is inherently unstable. Perhaps a manufacturer issue?

May I personnaly recommend the Pinnacle video suites to you.

  eddiejackr 13:29 23 Mar 2006

Thanks - yes I have the 1Gb that you suggest. Which? Computing magazine came out with Ulead as a best buy so that was my starting point. They found Pinnacle prone to crashing during editing so that put me off even thinking about it. Nero burnt the same dvd as Ulead in only 2 hours - roughly equal to the length of the tape i was saving. Do you have any comment on Nero - it seems to do much the same stuff plus more, is quicker and it lets me do other tasks while it's burning...

  fazer 14:04 23 Mar 2006

I can't comment on Nero I'm afraid - have never used it.

Further to your comments and purely for possible interest, I have never experienced a problem with Pinnacle and I do put it throught its paces what with rendering, dubbing and editing etc. Give it a try (assuming that there are trial versions out there).

  eddiejackr 14:08 23 Mar 2006

Thanks for your help

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