twin tuners

  little jack 14:42 14 Nov 2007

Hi i receive my free view from virgin (was ntl) i am looking to buy a dvd player recorder that i can use to record one channel from virgin while watching another from virgin. at the moment i have an anolog aerial and i use this to record bbc 1 bbc 2 itv 1 etc but cannot record from digital and watch digital i think i may need a twin tuner but have not seen one that plays dvds thanks for any help Jack

  BRYNIT 21:47 14 Nov 2007

The standard NTL/Virgin box has only one tuner preventing you from recording one channel whilst watching another. If you want to record one NTL/Virgin channel and watch another you will require a V+ box click here

  anchor 10:54 15 Nov 2007

The cheapest way to get round this I can think of, is to buy an inexpensive Freeview set-top box. You can connect this to your TV and/or a DVD recorder via a scart connection.

click here

Of course, if your budget can stretch to it, something like one of the Panasonic HDD/DVD recorders would be good.

  little jack 08:47 18 Nov 2007

Thanks for your help i will look into v+ box and the panasonic.

  Strawballs 21:36 21 Nov 2007

I have the V-Box and it has 3 tuners so you can record 2 while whatching a 3rd and it has a facility to transfer to video or DVD rw

  anchor 10:33 22 Nov 2007

Remember, it costs £150 to install the the V+ Virgin box, plus £5/month subscription, (unless you are on the XL package)

  Strawballs 22:22 22 Nov 2007

I got a call from the Virgin loyalty dept and offered me the V+ box for £25 and no extra charge or additional contract needless to say I said yes.

  v1asco 11:23 29 Nov 2007

I am with Virgin and I frequently record from their digital service and watch another channel.

I have tuned my tv set in whilst connected to virgin. Channels 1 to 5 are BEEB 1 etc, channel 6 is virgin.

My DVD is set up the same way. By setting chan 6 on my recorder and virgin channel on my box, at least I can watch the normal 5 channels on my tv. It also works the other way around, recording Beeb on my DVD while watching virgin on TV.

I realise this is only half a solution, as recording say UK Gold and Sci-Fi is not possible.

Thought I would mention it as a lot of friends have only watched the normal channels through Virgin and not realised it is not neccesary.

Hope this helps.

  v1asco 13:21 30 Nov 2007

"as recording say UK Gold and Sci-Fi is not possible."

should have been

"as recording say UK Gold and watching Sci-Fi is not possible."

A bit more, I have just bought an Hitachi HDR081 freeview recorder. It works well on a portable aerial and you can record 2 channels at once. It was £99 from Argos, slightly cheaper on the net. Easy to use, has to be as its fo my good lady who is goping to be lost when Videoplus dissapears with her analogue set.

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