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  Daiol 12:10 25 Aug 2007

Good day.Jus got a Samsung LCD tv with built in freeview & also a DVD/Video combi recorder.Went to connect them up together all worked fine tv is okay and playing dvd & videos fine,But when it comes to recording from the tv to video it dont work.The tv has 2 scart sockets and the video/dvd also has 2 scart sockets i have a lead coming from the lower scart on tv to the lower scart on video/dvd recorder plus of course the ariel when i want to record a freeviw station i have to set the dvd/video on channel line 1 but the recording end product is all muffled,Do i need another scart lead from the top scart socket on the tv to the top scart socket on the dvd/video recorder.Can i have help the dvd/video is a sony.Thanks daiol confused completely HELP.

  holme 13:40 25 Aug 2007

I'm afraid it isn't possible to assist you based on this limited info.

But in the first place, have you referred to the user-manuals and connected up the two units in the recommended manner?

If that doesn't solve the problem, could you define exactly what the four SCART sockets are named. I'm afraid "the lower scart" tells us nothing. The captions will probably be something like AV1, AV2, TV, VCR or whatever.

You say "the recording end product is muffled". Are you referring to the sound? Is it the same on both left and right channels? Is the recorded video display OK? The more info you give, the more likely it is that we can sort out a solution for you. HTH.

  Daiol 14:09 25 Aug 2007

holme,thanks for reply
TV : Samsung LCD TV LE32R8
TV Scarts
Top Scart :AV2
Bottom Scart : 1 (RGB)

DVD/VIDEO Recorder
Sony RDR-VX420

Top Scart :Line 3/Decoder
Bottom Scart : Line 1-TV.

My scart cable is running from 1(RGB) On TV to Line 1-TV on my Sony recorder.
When recording the image is okay its just the sound as if there are two channels speaking,Also if i put the tv on standby there are no images nor sound on the recording tape its just a whit screen.I do hope that will help you so it will help me.Thankyou daiol.

  holme 15:54 25 Aug 2007

OK, that's a big help. The connection from the Line 1 - TV on the VCR/DVD to 1(RGB) on the TV appears to be correct.

"...if i put the tv on standby there are no images nor sound on the recording tape its just a whit screen."

That makes sense. If the TV is on standby, there is no video/audio going out of the (AV)1 socket to the VCR.DVD, so the VCR would indeed record 'nothing', i.e. white.

"When recording the image is okay"

Good, that proves the video connection is OK. So all we need to do it to work on the audio.

Suggestions for you to try:

a) Make sure the SCART plugs at the TV and VCR/DVD ends are well and truly pushed fully home. (Video is at one end and audio at the other of a SCART plug. So if one end is partially unplugged, that could be the cause.)

b) Try another SCART lead if you have one. And it must be the 'fully wired' type (i.e. with 20 pins in two lines of 10).

c) Try playing back a pre-recorded video tape, preferably a commercial recording but, if not, 'one you did earlier' on another machine. (This will help to pin down whether the problem is in the recording and/or the playback).

d) Try another blank tape, preferably brand new and, before recording onto it, run it fast forward and then fast reverse a couple of times, from end to end.

HTH, over to you, could you let us know how you get on.

  holme 16:24 25 Aug 2007

Sorry, I've only just sussed out that the Sony RDR-VX420 will record DVDs (i.e. it's not just a player).

Can you confirm that, if you record from the TV to DVD (e.g. DVD-R/W), both the video and sound are OK on playback. If so, that narrows the problem down just to the VCR.

  Daiol 16:24 25 Aug 2007

Hi holme,taken up your info i went to change the scart lead and yes i can record onto a tape from any channel on freeview but the only thing that is remaining is when i put the tv on standby i cannot record,the only way its looking now is if i want to record a late night film from channel 5 i will have to leave the tv running while we are in bed thats the only downfall that i have got now unless there is a solution to this.Many thanks for you support.daiol.

  Daiol 16:29 25 Aug 2007

yes it will do both dvd & vhs. as my last msg goes thankyou

  holme 18:43 25 Aug 2007

Sorry for the delay - we've been busy dealing with A N Other topic on the Helproom forum! :-)

Glad to hear the kit's now working, that's another tick on the board.

Re. "off-air" recording, suggest you check with your TV user-guide. You'll (hopefully) find that it will have a "Timer programming" feature which will allow you to, er, programme the timer. You may need to select the DVB channel manually, or it may be part of the programming feature.

This means that you can then put the TV into Standby and go to bed/down the pub or whatever. At the appointed hour, the timer will activate and start sending the selected programme out via AV1 to the recorder.

Similarly, you need to programme the recorder's timer to switch it on at the appointed hour (make sure the recorder input channel is selected to Line 1).

You *may* find that the two boxes will talk to each other, so that setting the TV timer will automatically set the recorder timer as well (sometimes called 'Q-link').

However, as your TV and recorder are not from the same manufacturer, this might not work. Either way, it's worth trying out the procedure on an 'unimportant' programme to check that it works. HTH.

  Daiol 18:49 25 Aug 2007

Many thanks for all the info you provided for me today i can now relax and my good lady is also quite happy that now we can do some recording.Thankyou once again this forum is great its heped me a great deal,pass on the thankyou to all.A big TA from wales.daiol.

  holme 19:14 25 Aug 2007

Our pleasure. Regards from sunny Yorkshire. :-)

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