TV,DVD,PVR connection problems

  joel6429 17:51 16 Jul 2007

Can someone please help a complete digital idiot.
I recently replaced my Samsung Freeview box with a TWF box which has Freeview and an 80Gb hard disk drive for TV recording and am having problems working out which Scart connections and aerial connections to use. My setup is
a. A Sanyo CE29 WN3b TV with two Scart connections marked "AV 1" and "AV 2" and an aerial socket marked "Ant. 75ohm" which connects to an external aerial with good reception.
b. A Sony DVD recorder with Scart connections marked "Line 1 TV" and "Line 3 Decoder". It has an aerial "In" and an aerial "Out" socket. It also has audio lead sockets marked "Line 3" and " Line 4".
c. A TWF PVR302 personal video recorder with Freeview and an 80Gb hard drive with two Scart sockets marked "TV" and "VCR". It has an aerial socket for the external aerial marked "TV aerial connection point" and another aerial socket marked "TV connection point-connect RF cable to the input of TV ifr needed".
Could any forum member please tell me-in the simplest of terms-which Scart leads and aerial leads go directly from where to where?
Sorry if this is a bit long-winded.

  Stuartli 18:15 16 Jul 2007

You will need to have the TV aerial signal going direct to the PVR first, then via the DVD recorder and finally to the TV itself, using aerial extension leads.

Depending on whether you want to record from the PVR to the DVD recorder as well or not, the PVR's Scart lead should go to the TV or DVD recorder; it would probably be best to connect the PVR Scart lead to AV1 and the DVD recorder's to AV2.

This is just off the top of my head, but certainly the TV aerial feed will go to the Freeview recorder first.

have you checked the manuals for each of the machines and the TV for suggested routing of connections?

  crosstrainer 18:34 16 Jul 2007

You have two recording devices, and connecting them can indeed be a bit complicated! After about 2 days of swearing, banging my head constamtly on the fancy new shelving I had put up in honour of my new kit, I bit the bullet and bought one of these click here This is similar to mine, they don't appear to stock the one I bought, but the price is the same. It is easy to connect with diagrams, and manages the lot!

  crosstrainer 18:41 16 Jul 2007

Is a slightly cheaper soloution, looks just as effective though click here

  joel6429 21:10 17 Jul 2007

Problem solved-thanks to all

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