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  Newuser939 11:51 08 Jul 2007

My TV has three scart sockets. When I connect a device to one of those sockets (eg digi-box, DVD player etc) I get very occasional break up of the picture or complete freezing of the picture. As the same thing happens whatever I connect and whichever of the three sockets I use and whichever of a number of cables I use, I think that I can rule out a problem with the external device, cable or just one of the sockets. It is as if the TV is occasionally failing to process correctly the information it is receiving through the scart sockets. I know nothing about electronics. Does anyone, therefore, know whether there would be a single component within the TV which would be linked to all three sockets and so which could be causing this problem?

  Stuartli 14:15 08 Jul 2007

Scart sockets and leads are not the most ideal medium for the purpose (somewhat rapidly conceived concept by the French), but using high quality Scart leads can help considerably.

Also check that Scart leads are the two-way type - some have an in/out switch for the output.

Another possibility is that the Scart switching from one device to another (it's achieved by a voltage switch on one of the pins) is upsetting the changeover.

A switchover occurs, for instance, if you turn on a VCR and start playing a video - a TV set for digital (Freeview) use has to revert to analogue to display the VCR output.

Some info:

click here

By the way, I use S-video and two audio jackplugs to a Scart lead for the DVD player rather than Scart to Scart.

  Stuartli 14:18 08 Jul 2007

More info:

click here

  crosstrainer 15:28 08 Jul 2007

There is a way to sort your scart issues out. As Sturtli say's, use the best quality scart cables you can (gold is best) in conjunction with one of these... click here I had the same kind of problems with my home cinema system and the this sorted them out. All your equipment plugs into the controller box, and it takes care of everything, autodetects and switches between different kit.

Don't be conned by the 9.99 variety, they aren't up to the job.

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