catpwss 14:46 26 Apr 2011

I'm using windows 7,And thinking of getting a tv card so I can make use of the windows media centre.Now once I have fully installed the card and updated the tv stations etc,If I record a program from the pc via wmc can I then copy that program by using the windows movie maker to a dvd disc and wath it on a dvd player. Finally what bwould be the best option of a tv card to purchase,& the best place. thanks,c.

  proudfoot 16:03 26 Apr 2011

I have a Hauppauge in my PC, you will need a feed from a TV aerial. As regards supplier try Amazon.

  catpwss 16:46 26 Apr 2011

st-clares,Thanks for your reply.But would it be poossible for you to give me a bit more details on the product model and how it works etc.Thankyou.

  proudfoot 13:31 27 Apr 2011

Suggest you check out this link Hauppauge are usually considered to be among the best for TV cards though there are others usually cheaper.

  catpwss 20:42 27 Apr 2011


  tony168169 09:15 20 May 2011

I bought TBS6921 DVB-S2 TV Tuner Card at and it works fine with Win 7 media center.

  tony168169 09:17 20 May 2011

USB TV Tuner is easier to installed.

  proudfoot 12:24 20 May 2011

Which ever TV tuner you decide on more than likely you will need an aerial as now it is not worth buying an analogue tuner.

  ankitadas 05:02 13 Jun 2011

Hi, I see a lot of people recommending Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 Dual TV Tuner. Personally, I use the AVerMedia AVerTV Combo PCIe ATSC/NTSC/QAM TV Tuner Card and it is working fine.

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  proudfoot 13:44 13 Jun 2011

An alernative solution is TV Catchup (Missnamed). You can D/L most of the Freeview channels on an internet connection. My D/L speed is only about 1.7Gb/sec and I rarely get buffering problems.

See here

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