tv on my pc?

  wolfie3000 23:08 22 Jan 2007

Another problem my mates having with his Dell,
The pc has windows media edition and a Haupauge winTV pvr pci 2 card in it and it has an arial socket so we thought that plugging in tv arial would make him be able to watch tv on his pc,

But when it tunes in theses no channels, well what i mean is it finds the channels but theres no picture or sound, just static.

So how do we fix this?

  BRYNIT 23:42 22 Jan 2007

Has he tuned in the channel correctly. Has he checked the settings. Some time in the settings you have the choice of cable or aerial. Cable is useually the default setting it needs to be changed to aerial to get a signal. Also has he checked that the aerial cable he is using is OK.

  wolfie3000 23:44 22 Jan 2007

Yep done all that, still no picture :(

  BRYNIT 00:33 23 Jan 2007

From the Hauppauge mamual a weak signal could be a problem. If the signal from the aerial is being split between tvs this can cause a weak signal.

You could also check for driver updates click here if Dell use their own drives you will need to go to the Dell web site.

  wolfie3000 00:37 23 Jan 2007

Thanks for all the help,
Got it working now :)
pity theres nothing on,
Channel 5 didnt scan in but theres nowt on there anyway lol.

I fixed the problem by rescanning the channels.

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