TV and flashing bits

  exdragon 20:11 05 Mar 2008

Hi - my TV screen has started getting sort of pixelated flashing bits on it - anyone any idea if it's the signal, aerial or TV which could be faulty or causing it?

The TV is two and a half years old and the aerial was renewed at the same time so I could get digital. The TV was from John Lewis and has a 5 year warranty, so part of me hopes it's that! I've photographed the offending bits and will call in tomorrow, but I don't want to be left with egg on my face if someone out there can tell me it's something else!

  anskyber 20:39 05 Mar 2008

It could be any of the things you have mentioned, including a faulty TV.

The usual explanation is a poor signal or a temporary signal interruption. Too many seagulls on your aerial could do it!

  100andthirty 20:43 05 Mar 2008

do you have a DVD player? does the TV exhibit the problem when playing DVD's If not, is the problem exhibited on all channels? on bothanalog and Freeview (if you have it). The more the TV exhibits the problem, the more likely it is the TV

  exdragon 20:55 05 Mar 2008

I've just done a re-tune (analogue and digital) and am working through all the stations. It's been going on for a couple of weeks, but has been getting worse. It's also making a kind of screeching noise when the picture breaks up! Not tried the DVD yet.

Thanks for the input!

  jack 09:14 08 Mar 2008

'Flashing Pixilated bits' is common with some digital Reception from time to time all to do with momentary interferance from say passing aircraft.vehicles transmitting, as they cross the line of sight- or so I am informed.
This used to occur quite frquently with be on Ch5 and and ITV digital in the past but seems to have settled with no particular action on my part

  anchor 13:24 08 Mar 2008

As you say, your TV has both analogue and digital tuners. Do you find the same problem when viewing an analogue station?.

If not, it may be due to the reasons jack suggested.

  Covergirl 13:01 11 Mar 2008

We had a Daewoo DUB2850 which developed problems. A quick check on the Digital Spy Terrestrial Technical forums revealed loads of people in a similar position waiting for a software download which cured it. It also changed the way the remote worked and caused supplementary problems but try here click here , register and post some Q's. Maybe a bit more expertise than a PC forum.

  jack 14:20 11 Mar 2008

now I come to think about it
Some time ago there was a flash message on screen asking if I wanted to download software update for a Philips box
At first it did not mean any thing ,but when I got it a second time I took note, realized it was addressed to my particular Philips and clicked yes.
Stuff changed - and as CG mentioned even to the way the remote selected record programs set up.
So perhaps it has a bearing on your problem too.

  exdragon 17:47 12 Mar 2008

Never thought of that - thanks! I'll try it.

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