TV + DVD Recorder + Freeview Help!

  Alfmeister 13:40 22 Aug 2007

Hi, does anyone have any good ideas?

I'm still recording TV progs on video. At the moment I have a TV in the lounge wired up to a freeview box a DVD player and a video recorder. If I want to record something I have to watch the same channel I'm recording. Sometimes I will record on the TV/VCR combi in the kitchen so I can watch something else in the lounge but that's a problem if what I want to record is on freeview because we have no freeview in the kitchen.

I would like to update to a DVD recorder so that I can put my videos onto DVD and then ditch them. What I think I want is a twin tuner DVD recorder so that I can record 1 channel & watch another but will that pick up from my freeview box? The reason I'm thinking I want a DVD recorder instead of a freeview recorder or hard drive recorder or whatever they are is so that I can record stuff on a DVD and then take it into the kitchen to watch. Is that what I need or is it cheaper to get 2 dvd recorders and another set top box for the kitchen or what, HELP!!!!!!

Many thanks, Alf.

  Pine Man 13:52 22 Aug 2007

I have exactly the same set up as you - at the moment.

Tomorrow I take delivery of a DVD recorder with a freeview decoder in it (single). I will then get rid of my old DVD player and VHS BUT keep the freeview digibox. It is then my intention to watch digital on my TV via the freeview digibox and when I want to record something I will use the DVD recorder to do that with its own freeview decoder while still watching digital via my freeview digibox.

  Alfmeister 14:01 22 Aug 2007

Hi Pine Man. So you can have the DVD recorder with built-in freeview connected to the same TV as your original freeview box and watch the TV with the freeview box but set the DVD recorder to record the progammes from it's own built-in freeview, is that right? Will that all work together, will everything know what it's meant to do, how will the picture from the freeview/dvd bit not come up on the screen while you are wanting to watch the picture from just the freeview box? Do you have to have a signal switcher thing, I guess it must all work otherwise you wouldn't be doing it. If you get it all set up I'd be grateful if you could let me know how you get on. Thanks, Alf.

  john bunyan 15:16 22 Aug 2007

I have the set up you propose ie a "normal" TV with SCARTs to a) A freeview set top box b) A Panasonic DVD recorder (Hard drive plus disc burning) with built in freeview, and a VHS (analogue).
Usually, I watch via the DVD freeview, but you can set it up to record a future programme and then watch another (analogue) programme via the TV tuner or VHS tuner, or watch a freeview channel via the set top box.The best discs on my DVD recorder are RAM as you can copy them quicker, but you can record in +RW in real time if your other DVD player won't take RAM discs. You can copy , also in real time VHS tapes to disc via the recorder. The TV should auto detect the set top box, but you may have to fiddle with the TV's AV settings. Good luck!

  Pine Man 15:19 22 Aug 2007

Clearly this will only work if you have two scart sockets on your TV.

When you switch your TV on and then switch on the digibox it should automatically connect with the TV so you can watch digital as you do now.

If you leave the digibox off and switch on the DVD recorder it should automatically connect with the TV and you can then set it up to record, playback, watch digital TV or whatever.

If you have both the digibox and the DVD recorder switched on you will have to toggle between AV1 & AV2, or whatever your TV calls it's scart sockets, to be able to access the device you want.

That's the theory but I'll post back on your thread when I've done the dastardly deed and let you know how it went (or didn't!)

  Pine Man 15:21 22 Aug 2007

You beat me to it!

Still it's nice to have confirmation that what I hope to do tomorrow will work.

  Alfmeister 15:27 22 Aug 2007

Thanks guys, I'll check in tomorrow to see if the 'deed' has been done successfully and then start saving!! The model I was looking at was a Panasonic DMR EZ25 it seems to do what I want and isn't too expensive. Thanks again, Alf.

  Stuartli 15:41 22 Aug 2007

If you are using an analogue TV, a VCR and a Freeview set top box, the setup is TV aerial input to Freeview STB, Scart to Scart + TV aerial extension to VCR and (from the VCR) TV aerial signal + Scart to Scart to the TV.

This allows you to watch Freeview programmes on the TV and to record any individual Freeview channel on the VCR (as I have an older VCR I have to use the L1 or L2 satellite channel to accomplish a Freeview recording).

  Stuartli 15:42 22 Aug 2007

When I had this setup (I've now got a Freeview LCD TV), the DVD player was linked to the TV's second Scart input.

  Pine Man 14:20 23 Aug 2007

It really couldn't have been easier.

Removed the VCR and DVD player.

Connected the Sony DigiBox scart lead to one socket on the TV.

Connected the Sony RDR-HXD870S DVD Recorder scart lead to the the other socket on the TV.

The aerial lead was then looped through the DigiBox then through the DVD Recorder and then into the TV.

Easy set up everything working just as I hoped it would above.

Go for it Alf. for a G&T!!!

  caroleuk 09:44 28 Aug 2007

Hi everyone just searching on the net for some help and came across this forum!

We bought a DVD recorder with HDD this weekend and having a bit of trouble sorting it all out! Connected to a analogue TV and a digibox, have lost track now of what cables we have put where as we tried so many combinations. However it sorts of works we get the digial channels throught the digibox on AV2 (I think) and the DVD recorder on AV1 (or it might be the other way round).

Only trouble is we can't seem to tune in the channels from the digibox so we can only record channels 1-5 at the moment. Anyone any ideas what we have done wrong or how to do it. We seemed to have one extra cable that we haven't used as well!

Confused Carole of Brighton!

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