TV / DVD picture format incorrect

  awest3 17:14 27 Feb 2009

I have a panasonic 32" lcd z85...great TV..However if i put in a home DVD (also Panasonic) it shows in what I think is 4:3 format, which I thought was due to my Sony camera not being widescreen. If however I use the same DVD (not sure what make of dvd player it is but quite old) on my son's Sony 40" Bravia LCD then the picture fills the screen. I thought I must have my settings wrong on the DVD player or LCD but no amount of fiddling with the screen format on either LCD or DVD makes a difference. I then created a new copy of the DVD (I use Adobe premiere elements) in widescreen mode but this just made the picture smaller and somewhat distorted...

Any views on how to (if possible) solve this would be appreciated.


  anchor 16:04 01 Mar 2009

From what little I have seen, you have a choice on wide screen TV. You either show a recording made from a normal, non-widescreen, 4:3 format source, so that you get black edges either side of the screen.

The alternative is to fill the screen with the top and bottom cut off. If you try to get everything in, it looks distorted.

Someone more knowledgeable may be able to assist more.

  anchor 16:06 01 Mar 2009

ps: The choice of settings on our TV were found deep down in the menu.

  awest3 18:15 01 Mar 2009

thanks Anchor..I'll have a closer look at the menu's and at the manual...thing is on my sons's TV on full screen I could not see any distortion or cut off...was only a quick look mind as I was visiting and he lives 100 miles away..


  rdave13 18:46 01 Mar 2009

Could still be on 4:3 format but enlarged on auto settings on your son's TV. There's 4:3 and 4:3L and 16:9 widescreen formats (possibly) on the DVD player but the TV could also have settings such as 'cinema', 'auto', 'full' etc.

  anchor 09:03 02 Mar 2009

The cut off at the top and bottom is not that noticeable, unless there is something important there.

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