Turkish Music- anywhere any body?

  jack 11:35 24 Jan 2007

One of my flock has asked me to put together a DVD slide show of her holiday in Turkey.
This is now well underway with the first version awaiting her approval.
I would be good I though it I could get hold of some authentic 'Turkish' music to incorporate.

Any one with suggestions where I might find a download please.

  Aargh 11:57 24 Jan 2007

Try iTurks ;)

  brundle 12:49 24 Jan 2007
  jack 17:47 24 Jan 2007

Thank you Brundle
Looks like lots of good stuff there to sort through

  jack 20:14 24 Jan 2007

Lots of sites Brundle - lots of files, but all appear to TSP or PL extender which the site allege Real Player will run- unhappily it does not seem to to want to
. and Windows file searcher list them but do not oofer any help with a reader- they appear to be from very old 95 and before era.

If you have any sources in MP3 or WAV- would appreciate it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:55 24 Jan 2007

click here and they do play in IE7.

click here

click here

  jack 09:28 25 Jan 2007

Thank you Gandalf
I have marked them to explore.
When you say 'they play in IE7' can you go deeper
Explorer 7[which I have recently allowed in, but not ahem'explored' in depth yet[being a FireFox fan]
is a brower so how play?
Is it not the task of 'playing' stuff the realm of

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:14 25 Jan 2007

Some of the files can be played from their websites and there are warnings that IE7 will not play these.....but it does.


  jack 12:17 06 Feb 2007

Thank you once more Gandalf
After a gap of some days I have at last got back on track with this project.
I can get the music[?] a playing , but as yet not managed to save a playable track[s][Real player] that can be picked up by a suitable editor [Audacity/NCH Wavepad etc.,]to save to a suitable format [MP3, WAV etc.,
Any ideas in that area would be appreciated.

  jack 10:19 07 Feb 2007

Cracked the saving issue too now
Wave Pad does it - just find the right tab- tick all the boxes and it'll speak all the languages.
So now we are in business

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