transfering videos

  chickabookins 23:10 04 Jul 2007

heya, i was wondering if some one would be able to help me as i have limited knowledge of computers
my pc has windows xp on it can some one please tell me how can i transfer videos from my sony handycam dcr- dvd202e to my pc
thanks for all your help sam

  brundle 00:41 05 Jul 2007

Lots of help here;
click here

  LAP 09:20 05 Jul 2007

This is the basics! Connect camera to computer using firewire cable, switch camera on. Then open up Windows Movie Maker. Next select 'Capture from video device' this will then give you access to your camera. Select this and download your video.
You can now drag this down onto the 'time line' and edit and add title etc. When finished select 'File' 'Save Movie file' You will then need to select how you want the movie saved ie to replay on your computer or for email etc. As I said the basics have a go.

  chickabookins 10:31 05 Jul 2007

heya, i stil dont get how to do it as its on about firewire cable and a usb post, the only cables ive got is 1 what goes into video camcorder 1 end and other end has 3 bits a red white and yellow cable what plugs in somewere and the other cable ive got is a yellow and black but dont no were it plugs into

  LAP 12:48 05 Jul 2007

I would suggest you check your camera's manual then have a good read of 'brundle' suggested link.

  ICF 16:11 05 Jul 2007

Just had a quick look at your manual and this camera does not have USB or firewire.Then again why would you need it when you could just put the DVD disc out of the camera into you DVD drive on your computer.

  chickabookins 16:33 05 Jul 2007

heya. aw wow i dint no that the discs could go into my drive thingy, but 1 more thing how do i save the dvd on to my pc so that i could take the disc out and put another 1 thank you for helping

  ICF 18:39 05 Jul 2007

Drag and drop into a new folder on your PC

  tullie 13:33 07 Jul 2007

Why copy onto pc and take up space on hd,just put dvd in when you want to view

  ICF 15:39 07 Jul 2007

tullie said:-

Why copy onto pc and take up space on hd,just put dvd in when you want to view

To edit it

  chickabookins 17:05 07 Jul 2007

i want to put the videos on to pc so i can send to people by email, to family and friends who i dont see and that

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