tomtom go update 5.42

  sunny staines 16:07 07 Jan 2006

Does anyone know if tomtom sorted out this buggy update from nov05. There was a lot in sat nav reports about the problems, but nothing lateley to say if these problems have been sorted.

  Forum Editor 15:50 09 Jan 2006

but the mention of satellite nav devices reminds me of an amusing incident.

I was visiting a client in one of the highly-fashionable Central London residential areas, and had just parked the car when a black Mercedes pulled up alongside. Gleaming all over, and looking every inch the all singing, all dancing 'look at me' car, there was a state of the art sat-nav screen glowing gently in the centre console. "excuse me" said the driver "can you tell me where XXXXX street is. "You're in it" I replied. "Oh, great", said the driver, "Thank God for that" and drove off.

It amused me, anyway.

  PaulB2005 16:09 09 Jan 2006

No idea, but maybe to explain the amusing incident. Some Sat Nav systems suffer from "Urban Tunneling" which is where they can't get a decent signal due to tall buildings surrounding the vehicle and it loses reception temporarily.

click here has a good forum for GPS based queries.

  Newuser2 17:07 12 Jan 2006

Downloaded and installed the second release on day of release after TT withdrew the first release.
Works fine on my 300.
One point I would point out is that its best to save the original SD card and buy a 512 SD card and use it in a card reader to update etc.
When I connected my TT to the PC the PC didn't like it and locked up.
You can get gatso camera locations from the link above, very well worth will.

  sunny staines 18:43 12 Jan 2006

thankyou, I will go ahead with the download[using go700]

  anchor 12:44 28 Jan 2006

According to their site, it is still the same release, 5.420, dated November 2005.

It seems some users have installed it without problem, whilst other have had to return to the previous version.

Don`t forget to do a full backup before you install 5.420; just in case!,

Let us know how it goes. I have a TomTom 700 too, but have not risked the new download yet.

Another useful TomTom Go forum:

click here

  sunny staines 14:58 28 Jan 2006

froze up, reverted back. will wait till they bring out a further update. i think poi syc camera database may be the class

  sunny staines 14:59 28 Jan 2006

should read case

  oldnovice 15:36 28 Jan 2006

updated on Tuesday to 5.420 i was advised to make sure the unit was fully charged before attempting update followed on screen prompts updated OK and copied onto bigger SD card added cameras in poi no problem

  anchor 16:12 28 Jan 2006

sunny staines: Your experience is the same as others, even without the POI`s. Strangely some people had no problems.

Like you I will wait for the next update, and then see how others get on.

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