Tom Tom Speed Camera Updates

  ngb68 20:45 24 Sep 2008

Just a small query. Has anyone noticed that the recent speed camera updates from Tom Tom show up on the sat nav screen with different (and very 'cheap' looking) icons? Has something changed? New information supplier maybe?

  sunny staines 09:37 25 Sep 2008

use poi edit updates are free.

  ngb68 19:38 25 Sep 2008

(sunny staines) What is poi edit? Have subsription to Tom Tom for another few months but am interested in free updates thereafter.

(Beta) Designing my own is beyond my computer ability. Was just wondering why Tom Tom had changed their classy looking icons for cheap & nasty looking icons?

  anchor 16:05 26 Sep 2008

Very strange!. I have the TomTom 920, and update TomTom Traffic cameras weekly.

To be honest I have not noticed any change in the icon used for the cameras. In fact, looking back at my camera downloads since the end of April, every traffic-camera.gif file is identical.

I am afraid that you will be very hard pressed to find free camera updates from any source. As an alternative to the TomTom ones, many people speak highly of the Pocket GPS world data base, although again these are not free.

click here

  Newuser2 20:30 27 Sep 2008

Sorry to butt into the thread but is the TT camera data base accurate

  anchor 17:44 28 Sep 2008

Newuser2: I signed up to the TomTom ones when I bought my 920 this April; (they gave me a special price).

I cannot compare with the PGPS World ones, but I find them pretty good. Weekly updates are offered, and they e-mail me if I forget to download them.

I used it also in France and it was helpful in spotting the cameras; (much fewer cameras in France than in the UK).

ps: The traffic icon for my 920 is download as a gif. I cannot imagine the TomTom converts it to a Bitmap.

  Newuser2 14:22 29 Sep 2008

Thanks guys.
TomTom are a one click to download and install as far as I know but pgps are not.

  ngb68 18:56 29 Sep 2008

The TT ones are one click downloads. For some reason, my 'one click' download stopped working so I emailed Tom Tom and was given instructions on how to copy them to my desktop, then copy them to my sat-nav as folders. This worked but thinking about it, this is probably the time my icons changed. Having said that, how do I get my 'old' icons back?

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