Thinking of changing from iphone4s to motorola moto G

  kenai76 11:49 03 Jun 2014

Hi, Just wondering as the reviews for the moto g are very good and it's a bargain price - would I see a big difference in performance. I mainly use my phone for calls / texts / browsing net and also tethering to iPad as I am on three UK one plan and it includes tethering. Just a little unsure if it's the right move, as to be honest (although I have not had any probs with iPhones ) the new iPhone 5 is rather pricey and I am not the kinda person who has to have the flagship top spec phones. Obviously at the price point moto g is at I realise there will be compromises, but would they be major ? Any advice appreciated - right move or wrong? Thanks Ged

  Forum Editor 16:06 03 Jun 2014

The Motorola is an excellent low-cost phone (apart from the awful camera), and represents good value for money, but in my opinion it can't compete with the iPhone 4S.

I use a 4S, and I resisted 'upgrading' to the iPhone 5 because in my opinion it didn't offer me much more.

Right move? If I was faced with the same choice I wouldn't hesitate - I would stay with the 4S.

  morddwyd 20:07 03 Jun 2014

I am not an Apple user, or even an Apple lover, the only Apple product I ever tried went back after three weeks, but I have used Motorola.

There is no comparison in my view.

Apple is a quality product, and unless you are dissatisfied with it, as I was, you would be foolish to change.

  bremner 16:16 06 Jun 2014

I am with the others. My wife has a Moto G and it is a remarkably good phone for the money.

I had a 4S until October and I think it is better than the Moto G is every respect apart from the screen size.

  kenai76 19:00 06 Jun 2014

Thanks for your advice / input guys. Actually I have decided to just keep my iPhone4S for a little while and see whats on the horizon with Apple - but my wife has actually went and bought the Moto G unlocked for £159.99 (16GB) from Argos and I have to agree with all the positive reviews... a real outstanding mobile phone for the price, very smooth and surprisingly quick too and really nice build quality too (which did really surprise) Shes very happy with it to be honest. I can understand why so many reviews class it as the best mid ranged priced smartphone. And I agree regarding the camera - its pretty terrible but as we don't use our phones as our main camera this isn't a problem. Thanks again..;0)

  kenai76 19:06 06 Jun 2014

On a side note - I was VERY impressed myself with how fast it was to be honest and has everything you would expect from a smartphone. Very fluid navigation and tethers perfectly to ipad (actually it seems to tether faster than my 4S ?), built in Google maps handy for wife as in car sat nav and connects to car bluetooth seamlessly. As yet she hasn't had any issues with KitKat compatability (yet) The one thing which put me off to be honest was the brand "Motorola" only because had so many issues with a handset I had few years ago. Obviously Motorola are doing something right and this must be one of the top sellers they have

  Batch 09:29 20 Jun 2014

Both my wife and I have Moto Gs (16GB unlocked from Tesco @ £138 on a special). Our first smartphones. Having a Nexus 7 (1st generation) already we were pretty familiar with KitKat.

I know it's not what was asked, but I'd say the Moto G is as fast (if not faster) than the Nexus 7. Also the touchscreen is very responsive and accurate (far better than the Nexus).

Overall we are very impressed. The only gripe being, like all smartphones, is that it is too big.

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