there's been much chat on digital TV in recently

  jack 16:59 04 Aug 2008

Which is good- it helped me at any rate to sort dome of the wheat from the chaff
As the weeks go by however and I ponder as many of us 'Shall I shan't I?' so another variation pops ups.
The latest it is seems from Panasonic with a Free-Stat enabled TV.

So the new question is -What new unimaginable improvement is likely to pop up between now and 2012?
Will we getting our DH Digital/Freestat enabled devices now only to find that it was all to no avail in four years time?

Crystal Ball any one?

  dms_05 17:20 04 Aug 2008

If you want to go 'freesat' I'd forget the integrated TV sets and wait for the HD PVR - which is a must have piece of equipment.

However I've already gone the Sky route and have the Sky HD PVR. HD is OK but doesn't improve poor content and often good content doesn't need HD. In my opinion it's hard to justify spending big money just for HD. However if your upgrade delivers HD, as well as everything else at little or no extra cost, then it's a good idea.

Or you could wait for the limited HD offerings via Freeview - when it arrives.

The most interesting channel(s) on HD are the mixed definition channels like C4 and Sky One. Here you see the medium term future for most of us - some HD mixed in with lots of Standard Definition SD TV. It's interesting to note how good some SD TV can look on a decent HDTV and also how poor some expensive BBC HD looks on the same TV - Criminal Justice was a prime example where expensive HD was reduced to SD standards by poor production.

HD does generally deliver a better picture but I'm not sure it makes a programme more watchable soley because of that. It's the content quality that's most important.

  theDarkness 20:11 04 Aug 2008

who knows, we can only wait and see whats around that corner in the world of futuristic telly :) as far as high definition goes, its the sort of thing your average joe doesnt really care about, and will only become the true standard once everything else is stripped off that store shelf, and we have no alternative option. Im not sure if argos et al even still sell non widescreen tvs! If they still do then i bet its very limited. Im sure someone probably said something similar about standard movie dvds, but i dont think the leap is that great this time round. Your average granny is happy as long as she can still find her non-hd spectacles to see the latest eastenders

  Stuartli 00:04 05 Aug 2008

dms_05 is more on the ball than most in his opening paragraph...:-)

  jack 08:08 05 Aug 2008

Is there not one already- a Humax is it?
click here
Oh I see HD PVR

  laurie53 08:41 05 Aug 2008

Doesn't matter what route you you go down, or how long you wait, there'll be someting better a week after you buy it.

  Stuartli 10:14 05 Aug 2008

As far as I'm aware, the Humax Freesat PVR is due out sometime in September.

  jack 10:51 05 Aug 2008

Do TV's too I see from their site.
Are there rated among the tops too, like their 'boxes'?

  Stuartli 11:47 05 Aug 2008

My best mate, who used to own an independent audio/visual/appliances outlet until his retirement, sold a range of Korean company Humax's products including the smaller screen LCD TVs.

They are top quality and, in fact, the F2 FOX-T Freeview set top box, which has been around now for about four years, is still one of the best you can buy.

I've also mentioned the PVR 9200T PVR's top notch performance in the forums before.

Incidentally, a Bush PVR earned a 100 per cent reliability record in a well known consumer magazine's surveys earlier this year - it is, in fact, a re-badged Humax model...:-)

  tigertop2 14:53 05 Aug 2008

I back Stuartli on this. Humax products are excellent . I've had a PVR9200T for 18 months now and it performs perfectly every time. I had correspondence with Humax about a year ago re a possible Freesat PVR. They confirmed it was going into production and I can't wait to try it out.

  Jim Thing 19:47 09 Aug 2008

Like tigertop2, I've had a PVR9200T for a couple of years now and I'm very happy with it. I also have nothing but praise for Humax's customer support.

Some time ago I got myself into a muddle when trying to do a software update so I phoned their helpline number. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Humax has a tech support operation that's located here in Northern Ireland, just a few miles from me, and I was delighted when the splendid chap who runs it suggested "Why don't you bring the box over and we'll do it for you?" so I did.

I was shown to a chair in the workshop, given coffee and biscuits, and left again about 20 minutes later, a very happy customer indeed.

Why can't all tech support operations work like that?

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