is there such a program that will

  ajm 22:25 03 Jul 2006

give me a printout of all the properties of a collection of digital picture that i have in a specific folder. Especially properties like when the picture was originally taken and the date and time.

  Forum Editor 23:07 03 Jul 2006

Got $15 to spare?

If so click here

  De Marcus™ 23:25 03 Jul 2006
  ajm 23:38 03 Jul 2006

Both your programs looked like what i was after. Having intalled both, I tried them and found out that it was not "accurate"
I have pictures with a digital camera that were taken in 2002. This was confirmed when I clkicked on the properties of the pictures and the on the summary it said that picture taken on 16/04/2002 at 12:45. However when i print the results from the twoi programs above the dates give are December 12th 2005!!!

  De Marcus™ 23:52 03 Jul 2006


I've just printed an accurate report from 3 different folders?

Sorry ajm, can't explain why your getting odd results?

  wee eddie 00:31 04 Jul 2006

that the picture was loaded onto the PC that it presently resides.

  fazer 13:09 04 Jul 2006

If you want every single detail including aperture settings and the such like, I think you will have to rely on a dedicated photosuite; I use adobe Bridge but the package does cost several 100's of £'s !

Alternatively, if its only the basic details, whats wrong with Explorer? This does display the date the photo was taken.

  ajm 13:50 04 Jul 2006

Thanks a lot to those who helped. In the end i came across EXIF Viewer could do what i wanted. click here

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