"Thai Global TV" network on Freeview / Sat Dish...

  BBez 22:32 29 May 2006

Hi, trying to sort a problem with getting Thai Global TV network on the Hotbird 3 satelitte for my friends wife (who is Thai)...

The dish was originally hooked up to a Sky Decoder box but we have now changed it for a freeview decoder box.

When setting up the channels, i can get 100's of channels through the Astra Satellite and when i do a sat search, i get the Hotbird satellite (only Hotbird, not Hotbird 1,2,3 etc) so when i manually program the frequencies (12207 H 27500 3/4 13E) click here it finds the channels but just comes up with "weak signal".

I have also tried changing to 7W with no luck.

Maybe someone here knows how to help with dish adjustment etc and would be most helpful...

any suggestions, thanks in advance...

  DieSse 00:31 30 May 2006

Is this a fixed dish?

Where is the dish pointing? 19ºE - 27ºW - or where. If you were on Sky digital, you'll be set to 27ºW and there is a hotbird satellite there too. In fact some Sky programmmes are on Hotbird, as well as some on Astra.

There are other Hotbirds in other places in the sky.- You need to be pointing at Hotbird3 at 13ºE - if you aren't you won't get it.

Dish adjustment requires a digital capable signal strength meter, and a degree of experience. Otherwise you'll be trying for a long time.

According to here, you can get it via Internet too.
click here=
but you have to pay.

  Arnie 00:55 30 May 2006

Are you using a twin LNB set 6.2 degrees apart, or two separate LNBs on a 6 degree bracket?

It is always best to line up LNB1 on the weaker 13 degree setting and then adjust LNB2 on the bracket to track Astra on 19 degrees. (If you are using two LNBs).

Remember you will need 2 inputs to your free to air digital receiver. Alternatively a two way diseqc switch box. The two cables are fitted to the input of the switch box and the output of the box goes to the input of the free to air tuner.
The tuner must be diseqc compatible.

Remember to always use good quality screened satellite cable, e.g CT100 etc.
Keep bends in the cable to a minimum and no joins or wall cable outlet boxes if possible.
Also make sure you use self amalgamating tape on the LNBs 'F' connectors.

If you do not possess a signal meter, use the satellite box's built in signal strength/quality meter.

For plenty of tips and advice.

click here

If you purchase any of the company's products, David the proprietor always promptly answers e-mails if you add you receipt details.

I take it you are not using a motorised dish?
The aforementioned details are for a fixed dish.

  Arnie 01:00 30 May 2006

Also follow his good advice BBez.

  BBez 07:47 30 May 2006

Arnie & DieSse, thankyou very much for the info, naturally, this is all foreign to me but now i know where to start looking into...

It was Sky Digital with the standard dish which faces South East from looking at the front of it...

The box's built in strength meter only reaches around 58% when searching Hotbird so i may be slightly out.

Once again, thankyou for the info.

  dms05 08:18 30 May 2006

I posted this, with some links on your Networking post:

Just checked on my Hotbird dish. Thai TV is there with 70% digital quality on a 60cm dish. The full settings are Symbol Rate 27500 and FEC is 3/4.

Hotbird has a downlink power of 50dbW and W3A from 7 degress is 49dbW cover all of Europe. 12207 is Wide beam rather than Superbeam so it is a little weaker than some. I can (just) receive both using a Sky Mini Dish but a 60cm dish is better (and 80cm allows for bad weather).

New............... I had assumed you had moved your dish from 28E to 13E before scanning for transponders. Obviously you need to do that before anything else. You move the dish a little to the west and you will need a small upward adjustment as 13 deg is slightly higher in the sky (and 7 deg is a little higher than 13 deg).

If you are using the original Sky mini dish it isn't really big enough but may work in ideal conditions in SE England.

A 60cm dish aligned on Hotbird at 13 degs will work well with a new'ish LNB.

Equally the original Sky Box can be used if you manually tune using 'Add Other channels'. I use a FTA box and it works 100% and is much easier than an old Sky box.

  Arnie 10:40 30 May 2006

I agree with you. A sky dish is totally unsuitable for receiving 'standard' satellite signals from Hotbird and similar. A 60cm dish is adequate when professionally installed, since it will/should be aligned correctly on a spectrum analyser to peak the signal.

If local conditions permit, a 90cm dish will give that little extra gain under poorer weather conditions.It will also allow the possibility to fit a second LNB with a DiSEqC switch box as mentioned previously.

I wouldn't recommend shifting more than about 6 degrees though. Say from Astra 19.2E to 13E on the same dual LNB or 2 LNBs with a 6 degree bracket.
A motorised dish is generally required here.

This adds to the complexity for the DIY enthusiast and of course, the cost.

  Arnie 11:25 30 May 2006

If you wish to stay on 13 degrees E, with the possibility to add Astra at 19.2E as I suggested earlier:

Thai Global is in the clear on Hotbird 3 at 13E, details.

click here

If you click on the zap icon you will see a female Thai newscaster.

  DieSse 12:44 30 May 2006

*28E to 13E before scanning for transponders. Obviously you need to do that before anything else. You move the dish a little to the west*

Sky Digital - if thats what you were pointing at originally - is 27ºW - that makes it quite a long way to the east before you hit 13ºE

I'm not sure what you're saying about signal strength on Hotbird -

Have you moved the dish - you must do this - the dish can only see one satellite position at a time (without a special double LNB fitted). Being only 1º out will cause you to lose the signal.

  dms05 16:22 30 May 2006

DieSse - Sky Digital uses Astra 2a/b/d at 28E. Astra 1, the original home for Sky during it's analogue days, is at 19E and Hotbird is at 13E. Eutelsat have a satellite (W3A I think) at 7E. So a Sky Digital mini dishes points as far East as BBez will go and he needs to move his dish westwards by 15 degrees to locate Hotbird. Also Hotbird is a little higher in the sky and he will need some minor elevation adjustment.

You can buy 'monoblock' LNB's that have 2 LNB's in the same casing along with a Diseqc switch so you only need one downlead from the dish. On ebay they sell for under £25 new. However you need a receiver that will work with Diseqc - Sky Digiboxes don't as they were only ever intended to point at Astra 2 at 28E and Diseqc was never included in their specification.

  DieSse 16:43 30 May 2006

Sky Digital uses Astra 2a/b/d at 28E

My sincere apology - I was so sure I didn't even bother to check! And I even used Lyngsat to check where the Thai proggy was.

I do know about monobloc LNBs, and have installed dishes with "wings" for two and three LNBs - but I assume he's got a single LNB from his old Astra service.

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