Text app for Android phone, to paste into forums?

  polymath 21:48 23 May 2016

That's about it. Too complicated to explain why I need to do it, but I need one for other things too. Any recommendation?

  polymath 21:52 23 May 2016

A text editor I mean, in case of comfusion!

  polymath 10:54 24 May 2016

Just looking for something like Windows Notebook to be getting on with (though it would be nice if the sentences didn't run off the screen!). Browsing is currently fiddly, & it's hard to get any overview. Motorola Moto G 3rd gen, Android 6.

  wee eddie 14:26 24 May 2016

I was always under the impression that a single line of Code had to be a single line, as it would not read the same if it had breaks in it

  polymath 21:18 24 May 2016

Thanks wee eddie, and I'm sure you're right (remembering my Dos computers way back!). But I obviously wasn't being clear - sorry! It's not for code -I just need a programme in which to write stuff in English, from which I can copy, then paste as (e.g.) a forum posting. I only mentioned MS Notepad because that's what I use for this purpose in Windows (when it's not locking me out, that is!). And sometimes Wordpad, (though I have to remember not to bother with formatting that'll only get lost when posted online).

  wee eddie 22:16 24 May 2016

W10 seems to come with something called WordPad as well as Notepad, to be honest I use Word

  polymath 11:51 25 May 2016

I have Open Office as my desktop/notebook word processor, & occasionally use it for composing forum postings - perhaps I'll just see if there's a version for Android phone/tablet, though the urgent thing at the mo is anything from which to paste a PC AdvIsor posting that's long enough to say what I've already tried. (From my phone, or this very unrespon sive tablet I've borrowed - I keep getting timed out/having to log in again, & losing the whole posting). (I need to post from phone/tablet, in the hope of getting the desktop/laptop usable again!).

  wee eddie 12:40 25 May 2016

Google "android word processor" or similar. Plenty of choices including a version of Open Office, albeit, not free.

  polymath 21:41 25 May 2016

Well, I had another go at searching, and happened on Google Docs, which I’d forgotten about! (I’d signed up to a Google+ account via the desktop, but hadn't finished exploring it's facilities).

I’m writing in Google Docs for the 1st time, and like it's style; uncluttered, with exactly the few formatting things above the keyboard that I’m likely to need (bold, italics, underline, left/ centre justification, numbering, bullet points).

If you’re reading this, then (a) it’s possible to copy-and-paste a Google doc into a forum (from a phone), and (b) I’ve figured out how to do it!

  wee eddie 21:48 25 May 2016


  polymath 21:57 25 May 2016

It posted exactly like the document, too (unintended apostrophe and all!). Another plus in my case is it's integrated with the other software in my phone (Chrome/Google), so no conflicts.

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