Tesco Internet Phone

  Carbonara 17:40 14 Feb 2006

Anyone else trying this out? £19.97 including £5 call allowance. So far it seems to work well, crystal clear calls to almost anywhere in the world PC, Landline or Mobile. 2p per minute, Free calls to other Tesco Phones.

  Dellman 12:56 16 Feb 2006

Isn't Skype cheaper and offers video conferencing?

  Carbonara 21:27 16 Feb 2006

Tried Skype it was rubbish.

  Bingalau 22:29 16 Feb 2006

You didn't try hard enough then because Skype is, without doubt, the best system available at the moment and it is free. You can't get better than that!!! Bingalau

  Carbonara 00:03 17 Feb 2006

I tried it, it was rubbish! Skype that is.

  Carbonara 00:04 17 Feb 2006

Skype Out is not free.

  DanDare32 13:09 17 Feb 2006

Free pc to pc is ok, but er, the problem is that you need your pc on. I'm using freetalk through a modem-router. OK, so it's not free-free (it costs £80 for a year), but I use a regular phone to call any other numbers. So far, I reckon it's pretty good - none of the quality niggles I've experienced with pc to pc calling in the past. Any one else using freetalk?

  Fellsider 14:53 17 Feb 2006

I saw this when shopping yesterday, looks interesting.

One thing though, It says that it may not work on a network, or something like that. Anyone tried it networked?

  Dellman 15:18 17 Feb 2006

Fellsider.......what is it that you saw???

  Fellsider 15:27 17 Feb 2006

The Tesco Internet Phone

  Carbonara 12:03 19 Feb 2006

obviously no interest.

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