Terrestrial TV

  Curio 17:22 27 Feb 2009

I have a CRT TV in a bedroom and have purchased a Digital TV box for it. On the current Aerial it does not show Channel 5 plus a few others. My question is, When the Analogue signal is switched off and it is digital only, will they increase the power as I believe it it is currently on a low setting so as not to ruin the Analogue signal? Am hoping this will save me the cost of upgrading my aerial, or should I go ahead and upgrade now?

  Pamy 18:31 27 Feb 2009

depends how old your present aerial is I guess. also, does channnel 5 come from a different location to the others. A wide band aerial may pull it in if in a simmilar direction.

  amonra 19:12 27 Feb 2009

Probably due to a weak signal. Try an aerial pre-amp, available for around £10, it worked wonders for my mother's TV with similar problems.

  Curio 19:46 27 Feb 2009

Thanks for info, investigating preamp

  laurie53 20:35 27 Feb 2009

The answer to your basic question is yes.

The digital signal will be boosted when analogue is switched off.

  Curio 20:40 27 Feb 2009

Will bide my time before parting with any readies!

  Stuartli 00:29 28 Feb 2009

Channel 5 is still not available in some areas to the best of my knowledge.

Current digital transmissions are at very low strengths (one-85th of the analogue transmission in the case of my transmitter, Winter Hill).

A substantially stronger transmission level will be the norm after each area's switchover from analogue.

  Stuartli 00:32 28 Feb 2009

Have you tried tuning in channels on your bedroom set top box on a main use TV set and TV aerial signal?

You can do this and then transfer the STB and its leads to your bedroom TV set - the box will normally retain the scanned channels.

  Curio 14:14 28 Feb 2009

Thanks for that. Will give it a go

  Payroll2 22:23 03 Apr 2009


do you have a sky box as I found that was blocking some freeview channels fixed the problem by retuning the rf settings on the sky box from 68 to something like 48

  john bunyan 22:46 03 Apr 2009

Channel 5 analogue was switched off on 25th March in Hants and IOW.You should get it on digital. It may be worth getting either or both a new aerial, or a signal booster - I found that this helped greatly .

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