Temporarily moving my sky dish

  John B 22:56 16 Mar 2007

My sky dish is on a wall behind my house. Scaffolding is now (and for about three weeks) obscuring the dish and I'm getting no satellite signal.

I intend to temporarily move the dish about 20' further back along the wall so that the dish will have an unobstructed view of the same area of the 'real' sky.

I've got new connectors and cable so that I can leave the existing wiring alone ... is this as straight forward as it seems or do I need to take other factors into account?



  woodchip 23:35 16 Mar 2007

You will lose the Sat and dish will need re-tuning

  rodriguez 00:45 17 Mar 2007

You can move it wherever you want - as long as the dish is pointed at 28.2 degrees East it will work. If you move it and you can get a satellite signal, you don't even need to move it back to where it was originally, as long as it can pick up all your channels with a good signal. Just make sure there's nothing in the way of the dish and as long as it's pointed at 28.2 degrees East (you'll need a compass or other tool to measure it's angle) you'll be fine. Sky don't care if you move the dish, in fact they won't even know. As long as you pay them your subscription fee and can still get all the channels it's fine. My dish has been moved up on top of the TV aerial to get a better signal and everything's been fine.

  BRYNIT 00:55 17 Mar 2007

If you are going to move the dish, to help get the best signal you will need one of these click here Also a short length of cable with F connector at each end to attach one side of the meter to the LNB. Instructions should be with the meter.

Note: if you are using the Digi box to power the meter make sure you unplug the Digi box before connecting the meter, once connected plug Digi box in follow instruction on how to get best signal. Turn Digi box of before disconnecting meter. Although it is only a small voltage you will definitely feel it.

  John B 08:08 17 Mar 2007

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I would like to know if the digibox will need to be set up again or will it just carry on as usual?

Thanks again.


  hzhzhzhz 08:44 17 Mar 2007

Personally, I would physically move the dish to a suitable spot and get a freindly local installer to align the dish.It can be tricky even with a cheap sat finder. Your digibox should be ok.

  BRYNIT 08:52 17 Mar 2007

No the box will work as normal as long as all cables/connection have been done correctly and you have a good sigal.

  John B 09:19 17 Mar 2007

Thanks hzhzhzhz and BRYNIT

I'll move the dish and see if I can get it to work and then try and find a local installer if I can't get it going.

I've not used a sat finder before... do you think the cheap ones aren't much use?


  STREETWORK 09:21 17 Mar 2007

I use a dish for my caravan and have it fixed to a tripod. It takes about 10 minutes to align without the use of a compass with the sky box set to 'test signal strength' until I get a good signal...

  John B 09:38 17 Mar 2007


I did wonder if it would work if I moved the dish and someone else looked at the signal strength meter on the television?

  John B 16:02 17 Mar 2007

I've moved the dish and it's working after a fashion. I've got good signal strength, but the signal quality is ZERO!

I found some useful information about setting up the dish here click here

I might have a go at tweaking the dish position but as I said at least it works!

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