Switching from CRT to LCD

  Tj_El 19:59 02 Jan 2007


I don't know much about LCD monitors except that they are better in terms of display quality and eye wear than CRT.
I am therefore looking to replace my Sony Trinitron Multiscan E320 17" CRT with an LCD. Current contenders are BENQ FP92G 19" and MJ9C 19" both from Ebuyer both with DVI-D.

My question is would I have to change my graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400) in order to make use of this DVI interface?

Your expert knowledge on this subject appreciated.

Regards and Happy New Year :-)


  Tj_El 20:00 02 Jan 2007

Did I post this in the wrong Forum?

  sean-278262 22:51 02 Jan 2007

It is fine in this forum so dont worry. Better in terms of display quality I would not say so. I have yet to find a TFT in a shop or elsewhere that looks better than my CRT which is by no means the best one in the world. If the monitor has only DVI input and your graphics does not have a DVI output then you will either need a new card or a converter which is pretty pointless when you consider for £25 you could have a better new graphics card.

What do you intend to use this TFT for? It depends what you want often as to what is best for you. If just word processing is what you want and maybe the internet then all will be worth it.

Can you provide links to all the monitors you refer.

  ArrGee 10:00 03 Jan 2007

This works very well for me
click here

  polo 16:42 03 Jan 2007

I agree CRT much better picture than TFT. I've got a 21inch CRT which is super for photography They are going cheap on Ebay at present for about £80 because people are foolishly changing over to tft. They are very heavy and need collecting but that's what you need for super display quality.

  Arnie 19:01 04 Jan 2007

I couldn't agree more.

My 21" Philips and 21" Hitachi CRT sets give superb quality pictures.

I think one needs to spend a lot of money to guarantee a quality LCD display.
Some of the cheaper sets in the major stores are appalling.

BTW my sets came with 5 year guarantees and delivery thrown in at no extra cost.
I think John Lewis were reducing their stock, to make way for the non-CRT models. (They don't sell them now). What a shame.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:39 04 Jan 2007

I have to say that I think those who still insist that CRTs deliver a much better picture than LCD have not looked at a good quality LCD running on DVI.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:42 04 Jan 2007

My last CRT was a CTX with a 17" Sony FD Trinitron tube and I am now using a Samsung SM930BF on DVI, my second LCD. I would not go back to CRT.

  Arnie 23:45 04 Jan 2007

I was comparing the £250 or so models on disply at most of our local shops.

Slow response times, poor contrast and poor viewing angles. Anything they can lay their hands on seems to be the order of the day. At this price there is usually only a one year guarantee.

I'm sure in a couple of years time, a quality LCD set will be available for a fraction of the price they are now.
Look how quality digital camera prices have plummeted.

  Tj_El 17:27 07 Jan 2007

Hi folks!
Many, many thanks for your words of wisdom/expertise. :-)

"Creature of the Nite": To answer your question, "What do you intend to use this TFT for?", you answered the question - working, e-mail, internet use, watching movies. No high end digital artwork/photography/movie editing or the such like.

One of the reasons I was looking to change was that TFT (correct me if I'm wrong) do not use a cathode ray tube thus do not emit the kind of radiation CRT do which I have heard in the long term are detrimental to eye-sight. Also the CRT as "polo" stated are bulky, heavy and occupy a lot of space on the desk.

I was hoping that I would gain both ways by switching plus get the added benefit of better screen quality.

As I don't have a video card with DVI output and don't really want to spend any more than I have to, would I get better picture quality (for these ageing eyes) with a TFT using the normal VGA?

Once again, thanks so much for your comments.


  hssutton 17:51 07 Jan 2007

As someone who uses his PC mainly for photo editing using PS CS2 & PS CS3, I must disagree with Polo & Creature of the Night, My Formac 20" LCD is far superior to my Sony Trinitron. There's no way I would go back to CRT

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