Strange Fault on My DVD Player

  mcheathen 13:11 16 Apr 2008

The disc I was playing had previously played without any problems. While playing it last night I stopped it and switched off the machine. I later switched on the machine and attempted to play the disc. There is a small screen on the front of the player which will either say 'READING' 'PLAYING' or 'ERROR'. After displaying 'READING' it then displayed 'ERROR'. So I switched the machine off. Instead of going off the tray kept opening and closing and a message appeared on the screen saying 'BLOCKED'.

I eventually had to unplug the machine to stop the tray from opening and closing. When I plugged it back in it never played again. It seems as if it has gone completely dead. Any ideas as to what could be wrong and how it could be rectified?

  jack 14:13 16 Apr 2008

or a Laser cleaner?
Lasers do fail in time- in which case it will mean a new unit- these thing don't get repaired.

  mcheathen 14:23 16 Apr 2008

I can't try another disc or a laser cleaner, because every time I switch it on, nothing happens. No light shows on the front screen. Its as if it is dead with no power getting in.

I am going to take the cover off and clean the inside - maybe that might help!

  jack 19:46 16 Apr 2008

before you start tearing it apart.
simple things.................

  Stuartli 22:58 16 Apr 2008

>>Checx the plug fuse......simple things.................>>

But it managed to display on-screen messages and open and close the tray....:-))

There are a number of potential reasons why the DVD player has stopped working; however, they are so cheap these days that it will probably be less hassle to just buy a new one.

But first check that all the connections and cables are firm by pulling them out and reinserting; this will also help to clean the contacts.

  mcheathen 23:55 16 Apr 2008

Yes it would be a lot less hassle to just buy a new one, but I am curious as to how it actually packed in. I'll still give it a clean out once I get the necessary small allan key required for unscrewing the cover.

  Stuartli 09:39 17 Apr 2008

Optical drives, apart from the short time the tray is open, are very well sealed.

This is one of the reasons why laser cleaners are not the "be all and end all" item some claim them to be.

You will probably cause more problems than solve them by opening up the case.

I've been using optical drives since the arrival of Philips first domestic CD player nearly 30 years ago (it ws LaserVision prior to that) and never had to use a laser cleaner yet...:-)

  mcheathen 00:36 18 Apr 2008

I managed to get the cover off - it needed a special allan key. I gave it a clean and I unplugged all the small plugs going on the the circuit boards. This must have re-set whatever messages that were passed on, because when I switched back on the light on the display panel came on. It is now working

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