Squeezbox - is the dogs whatsits!

  Qdiddy 17:15 13 Oct 2006

I'm not usually one to gush, but I had to share this with all who are interested. Just took delivery of a Slimdevices Squeezebox today and it is the best bit of kit I have seen for sometime!!

It looks great (smallish form factor, great looking display, easy peasy UI), took about 30 mins to set up (server software on pc, connected to WPA wireless network in a jif) and now that it's plugged in to a set of logitech Z-4 speakers, I have access to 1000's of radio stations (with or without PC on) and all of my stored music (PC must be on), with terrific sound and all accessible via a remote control, or my wireless laptop, or my PC!!

This is how everything in the house should work!!!

(and with click here , it soon will do! I just wish I knew how to write code so I could make the most of open software!)

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