Splitter for Sat cable

  nagonlouse 22:35 08 Aug 2006

Hi All, Does anyone know if it is possible to split the down cable from the sat dish. My TV is in one room and my Comp is in another room and I would like to be able to record on both. Appreciate any suggestions.

  DieSse 00:24 09 Aug 2006

Whilst you can get splitters for such applications, they are specialist items and not for use in general circumstances.

This is because satellite receivers output voltage up the cable to the dish, to power the LNB (the bit at the end of the dish. And what is more, they output two different voltages, to select the vertical or horizontal antenna inside the LNB, and a 22KHz signal to select the high or low band of frequencies.

So if you simply put a splitter in, the LNB has to be in one of four modes for each receiver - which is, of course impossible. And each receiver also has to be protected from the output of the other receiver.

So - the answer you need is to fit a double LNB onto the dish - this has two independatd connections (as used for Sky+ boxes), and you then run a cable to each receiver.

  nagonlouse 09:03 09 Aug 2006

DieSse. Thanks for your prompt reply, much appreciated.

  rodriguez 20:35 09 Aug 2006

You can get quad LNB's which Sky use when doing Sky+ and Sky Multiroom installations. A lot of newer Sky installations come with quad LNB's anyway to allow easier upgrades to Sky+ and Multiroom. All you need to do once your quad LNB is on the dish is run a second satellite cable from the LNB into your room with the computer. Remember you will only be able to record the free to air channels on your computer as a second Sky subscription is required for the others.

  DieSse 21:25 09 Aug 2006

You can put your viewing card into either receiver. On the one it's registered to, you will get all the channels you subscribe to (plus the free channels, of course.) On the other box you will only get channels from the basic sky package (plus the free channels), not films or sports.

  DieSse 10:19 10 Aug 2006

*Won't you get the wrong viewing card message..??*

Not on all programs - as I indicated.

  DieSse 10:20 10 Aug 2006

PS - easy to test for yourself.

  nagonlouse 18:50 10 Aug 2006

DieSse, Thanks for yours and other contributions, I think I have enough to be going on with. Anyone got a spare SKY Box. I will tick as resolved.

  nagonlouse 20:52 10 Aug 2006

BeLa, sorry don`t know how to type your code name. can we get together on one of your Sky boxes

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