Sound Drop Out on DTV

  Dirty Dick 10:40 08 Aug 2007

I have just got a Samsung LE37R87BDX Digital TV, along with a Logitec Z-5450 Speakerset 5.1 Speaker system. They are connected via a Digital Audio Optical Lead. The problem is every so often the sound stops working, but the picture is ok and does not freeze. If I leave it alone, the sound usually comes back on, but not guaranteed and no idea of how long it will be off. Also if I change channel, then change back, the sound is restored. Any ideas as to what the problem is?



  Stuartli 12:46 08 Aug 2007

Have you checked the optical lead for firm fitting at both ends?

  Stuartli 12:47 08 Aug 2007

Also the speaker leads where appropriate?

  Dirty Dick 14:15 08 Aug 2007

Checked the optical lead, at both ends, and its fine.

Also checked cables to speakers, at both ends, and they are ok. In fact their is a Test button on the remote control for the sound system, which generates like a white noise through each speaker in turn, and they all work.

Its a complete sound drop out, like the mute button has been pressed. But the picture is ok.

  Stuartli 15:32 08 Aug 2007

Have you checked the TV's Sound configuration in the menu?

It could also be the transmission signal if you are using Freeview - there are quite a few problems with signals at present, especially regarding ITV and (occasionally) Sky channels.

It's tied up with the 16QAM and 64QAM transmissions used (the problem channels are usually the latter transmissions).

Does the problem arise if you use the analogue TV channels equivalents?

  Dirty Dick 21:21 10 Sep 2007

Checked the sound configuration, and it seems fine.

Transmisiion signal was ok before I changed TV and surround sound system.

Use analogue TV and it seems ok without sorround sound system.

I've run it without sound system, using just the internal spaekers on the TV, and that seems ok.

I'm wondering if the TV and sound system are compatible

Is there any other way of using other leads to connect the sound system to the TV?

  Dirty Dick 17:24 14 Sep 2007

Bump ...

  wully9115 17:10 14 Nov 2007

This is a problem with your TV, you need a software update which has just been released by Samsung check your software version, the new one is T-BDXPDEU00-1011, anything before will give the drop out fault on the optical out, ring samsung and an engineer will be sent to upgrade the software,I had the same fault but since the uprade all is fine.

  Dirty Dick 19:09 14 Nov 2007

Thanx for your response.

My TV has gone back to Samsung, they say (eventually) that this is a known problem, it went back about 2 weeks ago, and they are waiting for a spare part. I rang them and they said the part is on back-order, and will not be with the technicians until 1st Dec !!!!

I'm fuming, as u can guess, so not a lot I can do, BUT WAIT !

  Dirty Dick 14:02 27 Nov 2007

After a lengthy time away, the TV was returned on Monday morning. A new printed ciruit board as fitted, and I was assured that it was now OK. I turned on the TV only to have the same problem within 5 minutes. I rang Samsung to complain AGAIN, only to be told that this was a known problem, and an "over-the-air" firmware update will be done over the week commencing 3rd December. I asked why a new printed circuit board had been fitted, and they had no answer !

So just have to wait, and try this update. Will keep you informed.


  dms05 18:00 27 Nov 2007

I've exactly the same TV. I do have the problem of sound drop out but only when the input to the TV is from a recording on the HDD of a Sky+ box. If I watch and record then 'live' is OK but often the recording suffers short loss of sound getting worse as the length of recording increases. Sky have fitted a new (not reconditioned) box without solving the problem. I'd assumed it was the Digibox rather than the TV as everything points to that. However lets see after the 'over the air' update. Now how does that work?

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