Sound break up on PC TV

  tigertop2 17:36 04 Apr 2008

I am getting sound break up/distortion on my Harmon Kardex speakers when using Win TV HVR1100 on my desktop. All is fine for about 15-20 minutes then distortion builds up until the sound is hopeless. The picture remains good and the problem can be cured briefly by changing TV channels. The problem can occur on any channel-just as if it is a buffering delay. Anyone any ideas on a cure, please,? (This is a fairly powerful PC with a good aerial feed so signal strength is not a problem)

  Stuartli 19:41 04 Apr 2008

Try checking all the speaker connections for firmness and briefly operate volume, treble and bass controls (non-use can build up an internal electrical resistance over time, such as when you only use a keyboard volume control).

  tigertop2 11:28 05 Apr 2008

Thanks Stuartli,
Don't think it is a 'dry' solder joint and the speakers only have volume controls which are used regularly.I am now going to try a different pair of speakers. It only seemed to occur on TV sound---and only after about 20 to 25 minutes. CDs and DVDs are fine. It is a Trust SC5250 sound cardcard and no obvious problems show on that. Strange but I will experiment with the new speakers over the w/e

  john bunyan 18:56 05 Apr 2008

tigertop2. Have you updated the soundcard drivers? I had a problem (different to yours) with vision freezing. Solved with updating NVidia 7800GTX drivers. Also have you installed (if on XP) the optional updates for MCE machines (I think (Net Framework 3 )? These updates are not on the automatic list.

  tigertop2 11:23 06 Apr 2008

john bunyon, thanks.

Have updated drivers all round but not revisited the MCE updates. I will bear that in mind. I can see that updating your 7800GTX would possibly solve the freeze on display but the sound card should not be affected by such updates as far as I know. Appreciate your suggestions though. So far the problem has not occurred since changing speakers but I have not used the TV card much since then.

  tigertop2 11:26 09 Apr 2008

Problem solved by using different H.K. speakers. However everyone's advice has been appreciated

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