Sony W5500 vs Philips PFL 8404?

  Daibus 12:03 09 Aug 2009

I am looking at going for a 37in LCD TV and am considering the Philips 37PFL 8404 or the Sony KDL

It's difficult I know, but considering that I mainly watch SD at the moment plus which could be the better choice generally?


  birdface 22:54 09 Aug 2009

Sony is one of the few companies where you can actually get a gray T/v from almost impossible to get one elsewhere.
I am only suggesting that as if you get the black one you will spend most of your time cleaning it.They are dust magnets.Same with the black table to go with it.

  laurie53 08:32 10 Aug 2009

No contest.

Go for the Sony on build quality alone, and Philips support does not have a good reputation.

I am currently replacing a Philips 32" HD, and have a couple of Philips phones that are `very flaky.

On the other hand I have a Philishave razor in daily use that I bought in '84!

  dagnammit 21:48 10 Aug 2009

Black makes the image look better.

I vote Sony.

  Daibus 09:25 12 Aug 2009

Many thanks for your opinions and yes I think I prefer Sony as well but if I may, do you think Sony will still come out on top as compared to Panasonic or most other manufacturers, if it comes to it?


  dagnammit 04:39 13 Aug 2009

They all have their strengths and weaknesses as manufacturers, some are even in partnership for some product lines.

Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony and Samsung have been around for years (to name a few).... you're best picking a few TVs in your price bracket, weigh them up (read reviews/see them instore) and then choosing a good retailer to buy from.

I would never buy, or suggest buying, on brand loyalty alone.

  Daibus 09:34 13 Aug 2009

Many thanks - good advice to keep in mind.

  birdface 19:21 13 Aug 2009

Just popped down to Argos discount warehouse and they are selling 42"Bush Lcd Televisions for £298.

A Bargain at that price.

  dagnammit 20:52 13 Aug 2009

I'm sure it's great. :|

  SimpleSimon1 09:56 24 Aug 2009

Currently, massive massive controversy over the W5500 over very bad backlighting/clouding problems! Do a google search for W5500 and backlighting and you'll get buried in an avalanche of hits.

Virtually every review (even Which and, normally, they couldn't spot an elephant standing in front of them!) has picked up on it and it's a raging topic is almost every audiovisual forum.

Some people report no problems, others report it goes away after a couple of weeks of viewing 'run-in' and [many] others say it's soo bad they have had to replace it several times to get one that they can live with.

Apart from this fault, the W5500 is a brilliant piece of kit and that's probably why so many people are so upset with Sony (who, naturally, say there isn't a problem).

BTW I'm in exactly the same position as you and have the same viewing habits. Was going to buy the 40" W5500 but, in the end decided not risk and am going for the 40V5500 - very similar to 40W5500 but not 100hz MotionFlow (which a lot of people don't buy into anyway cos it make the picture look very 'forced' and artifical), £100 or so cheaper and doesn't seeem to suffer from the same level of backlighting problems.


  Daibus 10:09 24 Aug 2009

Thanks again for your opinions.

SimpleSimon1 - I did read about the backlighting and clouding problems on some of the W5500 televisions.

It seems a shame as I do like the picture on this particular set but I think I remember reading that the 37inch was not so prone to these problems but still, I don't really know whether to procced with this purchase or not but your opinions are very helpful.

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