Sony or Toshiba?

  Whaty 17:27 05 Jan 2007

I've decided to buy a 32" LCD TV and the two models at the top of my list are:

Sony Bravia KDL-32V2000 or the Toshiba 32WLT68

Has anyone used or seen either of these televisions in a home environment?

We have a Toshiba 32WLT66 at work and it's a good TV (I've even taken it home at weekends/holidays) and it won a raft of awards when it was new, in the 'real world' is the '68 model any better?

This is a lot of money and a big investment for me, any advice would be greatly received.


  hzhzhzhz 18:14 05 Jan 2007

just a little help perhaps,click here and click here

  grw 21:16 05 Jan 2007

Toshiba 32wlt68 has the long term benefit of having 3 HDMI connections. Most tv's if your lucky have 2 HDMI's. By the time you have connected a HD dvd player and a HD sky box or X360 Box you are in connection trouble. The 32wlt68 also has a fast screen refresh rate for less image blurring on fast moving objects. I have also seen the 32wlt66 with free dedicated glass stand at a good price.

  Whaty 22:09 05 Jan 2007

hzhzhzhz & grw, thanks for your replies.. In truth I've scoured the internet, read several reviews on both TV's, spent ages in various shops studying the pictures and if anything I'm even more unsure now than before.!!

The picture quality changes in every shop, I think it's dependant upon the time/care taken to set the TV up and the picture source, in some shops the Tosh is best, in others the Sony.. I was in Empire Direct the other day and both the Tosh '66 & '68 were next to each other, I put them both on the same channel and although there wasn't much in it but the '66 had clearer detail.!

Because of the above I wanted to here from owners or people who have experienced first hand knowledge of the sets in their home.

We've had the '66 at work for some time and I've been lucky enough to borrow it on a few occasions, it's a very good TV but is the '68 actually better?

Like I said, I've decided to get a new TV but this is a lot of money for me and I'd like to make the right choice.

Thanks again for the links and advice.


  Dellman 14:59 08 Jan 2007

You can get the Toshiba 32WLT66 for about £550 now (£500 if you get the WL version (without Freeview)). Is the "68" worth £300 price differential today?....You could wait a few months and the "68" will no doubt come down further in price.....and no doubt there will be something just round the corner to supercede that ("70"?)

Decision, decisions.....

  Charlemagne 16:50 08 Jan 2007

LG are now coming up on the inside -if they are not ahead already. And at a fraction of the cost.

  Monoux 17:02 08 Jan 2007


  Whaty 21:24 08 Jan 2007

Thanks for your replies... The '66 is still a great TV, I've not completely discounted buying one of them.!

I'm really going round in circles, the more I look the more uncertain I seem to be...!!!

Thanks again for our replies.


  Stuartli 21:40 08 Jan 2007

Either the Sony or the Toshiba will please you; however the LG sets are not quite up to the same display attributes at present.

Don't forget the Samsung models either - it has a join panel manufacturing venture with Sony - whilst Sharp produce some good sets.

The problem at the moment is that weighing up any make or model fed by a genuine HD transmission signal side by side is not always possible and the demo disk sessions don't tell the full story.

  Whaty 10:24 09 Jan 2007

Stuartli, from other posts I gather you have a friend who sells televisions and therefore I appreciate your comments as they are probably quite informed.

Truth is I'm not too worried about the HD at the moment as I'm not likely to have HD for the foreseeable future.

My current set up is:
21" CRT (Toshiba)
Freeview Box (Digihome - excellent actually.!!)
Standard DVD player (Medion - multi-region)

I'd like to move to:
32" LCD - HD Ready (one day I will want HD)
HDD DVD Recorder with Freeview (thinking of the Panny DMR-EX75 or 85)

But as I say, for some time the primary source will still be the aerial on my roof and I would like to get the best I possibly can from that..

Thanks again,

  Stuartli 14:03 09 Jan 2007

The Panasonics are first class DVD recorders along with the Humax 9200T (See: click here)

I've bought three 21in Toshiba CRT sets, the first was Tosh's original Nicam 2163 model plus the follow-up 2173 model and a mono set.

All three are still going strong with the second two used here and the original, bought in 1990, in daily use at my son's home; it's never missed a beat apart from a couple of fuses mysteriously blowing. All three models were UK built in Plymouth.

Re the LCD models - the Toshiba 32WLT66 is an excellent set but the 42in is outstanding, especially in HD.

A tip. My mate currently recommends the makes I've mentioned over the LG for the reason I stated earlier.

At least one customer who didn't take his advice (because he wanted to beat other family members to own a set with a really big screen) has now regretted his haste and is repenting at leisure.

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