Sony LCD TV at M&S?

  Bapou 17:26 30 Jan 2007

With a new TV in mind, on a shopping trip to Newcastle today, we were surprised to see Marks and Spencers selling Sony LCD TV's.

40" on special offer for £1300, plus free delivery, free setup and a 5 year guarantee.

Very,very, tempting until we overheard a customer say, " I've heard they are testing the TV market for a period of time before deciding whether to continue or not."

We moved on to another store without questioning anyone, which brings me to ask here:

If M&S did decide the TV market is not for them, what happens regarding the 5 year guarantee?

  martd77 17:37 30 Jan 2007

your guarantee is with sony not with m an s,i purchased my plasma tv over the internet but the warranty is with panasonic.
If im wrong someone will correct me

  anskyber 20:11 30 Jan 2007

I suspect M and S will, like many retailers do, farm the guarantee off to an insurance company.

It could be with Sony but I very much doubt it.

  Johnnie_M 21:44 30 Jan 2007
  Bapou 00:00 31 Jan 2007

Thank you each, Johnnie_M, thanks for the link, we did check in John Lewis and that particular set was not on show today.

M&S sign clearly indicates a 5 year guarantee so it will be worth clarifying with the sales staff next week before buying there or down the road at JL.

Thanks again.

  Stuartli 21:53 04 Feb 2007

You would have to check out carefully what the five year guarantee would cover.

Personally I would go to John Lewis, which has a known track record for good prices and after sales customer service.

  anchor 16:32 05 Feb 2007

I agree with Stuartli; buy from John Lewis. They would price match the M&S price.

They also offer a free 5 years warranty & free delivery. If it was not on display, they could certainly order one in for you. Perhaps another branch, not too far from you, may have it on the shop floor.

  driving man 14:10 06 Feb 2007

I asked my wife about this . She reitterates if the purchase was made from M & S, then the contract was made by customer and M&S.
I gather she knows what she is talking about as she is one of their most senior managers.
Therefore the first point of call is at your LOCAL M&S customer services dept.

  Stuartli 16:18 06 Feb 2007

No one actually purchased the Sony from M and S...:-)

  Bapou 19:15 06 Feb 2007

We had to postpone a trip into town and buy until next week. Have taken on board all your advice.

Stuartli, we are inclined to buy at John Lewis on our son's recommendation, he wasn't happy with the TV he bought and JL changed it next day, no problem. Sounds good enough service to me.

  jsb2001 20:26 23 Sep 2007

marks and spencers ??
the warranty is with themselves, but the tv is very overpriced in the 1st place. In my experience, the more being offered free - ie delivery, warranty, set up etc etc - the more money they have slapped on top of the price.

click here

KDL40D3000 at M&S £1199.00
same tv -

click here

even once you add the 5 year warranty and delivery - it is still miles cheaper !

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