Sony HDD DVD recorder capasity problem

  voyager13 10:39 07 Apr 2014

Hi can anyone help>

My internal hard drive prompts the message that the disk is full after just setting it for 5 programmes in 2 days. The manual states that you can set the recorder up to 30 days with much more capacity. I always delete titles after having watched them and can't find anything in the manual to resolve this problem.

Am I missing something? Vheers Ian F

  mole1944 13:00 07 Apr 2014

I know it seems drastic but have you tried doing a format of the drive,i had all sorts coming on my Virgin V+ box went through a disc format (found how to on the net) problem solved.

  BT 08:19 08 Apr 2014

I have a Sony HDD DVD recorder and can record many hours of programmes. What is the HDD stated capacity? Mine is 120gb.

As mole1944 a reformat may solve the problem as a last resort.

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