Sony Ericsson Spiro

  Daiol 18:27 19 Dec 2010

Hi,Looking for some info on the sony ericsson spiro phone.Bought one last week and seem to be having problems with the battery going down quickly,I dont have the bluetooth connected nor on,Also have the screen display down to 50% brightness and the autolock is set to the only thing that I can think of when the phone is in my pocket if the control buttons are touched or even pressed with an item the screen light comes on 'when the phone is closed;;,Now does that efect the battery life well it must be now is there any way that this touchpad can be disabled in any way.I went into settings-General-Security-Auto key lock-select ON. Done all that and also looked into all other options,Maybe someone out there has a simmilar problem that can help me out here,As its now I have to charge the phone every night and I'm not a heavy user so its not a lot of phoneing that can cause the prob.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  catpwss 16:11 28 Dec 2010

Dont give up someone might come along now the holls are over.

  Forum Editor 09:48 29 Dec 2010

"Bought one last week"

Keep charging and discharging the battery, and within four to five weeks you should find that battery life improves significantly.

It's normal to see the first 10% or so discharge quite rapidly, so don't worry if that happens If you're still having problems after a few weeks, try running the update service on your phone, that may help.

  Daiol 11:47 29 Dec 2010


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