Sony DVD recorder to sky digital connections?

  Currantbun 18:11 09 Jul 2007

Hey guys! I've recently bought a sony DVD recorder, now i'm trying to connect it to my Pace Digibox. The problem is the recorder won't pick up the sky channels, even though the tv works through the recorder. I've tried all possible combinations - i think. Any ideas?

  anchor 14:46 10 Jul 2007

You don`t say what model you have, or if it is a HDD/DVD type.

On my Panasonic HDD/DVD there is an aux: scart AV input, and I record my Sky channels from there. The digibox is connected to the recorder via a scart lead.

  Currantbun 22:08 12 Jul 2007

Cheers anchor. It's a Sony RDR-HX70. The connections look simple but it wont pick up any sky channels. I think i'm gonna use it as a bedroom DVD recorder and get sky plus.

  anchor 11:56 13 Jul 2007

The only reference I can find in Google about your model is in Japanese.

Does it have more than one AV scart socket on the back?. If so you should be able to connect your digibox to one, and select the recorder input to the appropriate AV channel.

Do you have a manual for it?; this should explain how to do it.

  Currantbun 11:17 14 Jul 2007

The manual is useless, the on-line help is better but it still won't pick up the sky channels. My Japanese isn't up to much however i really apprieciate your help.

  postie24 21:49 14 Jul 2007

Try another scart lead and follow anchors advice.
Make sure the scart lead is a fully wired one,21 pin lead.

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