Sony DVD recorder probs

  debege 00:27 20 Oct 2007

Hi folks,
Newbie here.....frustrated, bemused, gob-smacked type of newbie to boot!....please be patiaet with me while I explain.

My wife and I have a Sony HDR-HC3 camcorder (to record all our special moments in glorious Hi Def), a Pioneer HD TV (to play those moments back in glorious hi def), and until a blu-ray recorder comes along, I am archiving my footage onto std. def DVD....or was, until my old faithful Philips recorder finally gave up the ghost.

So...a new recorder was needed...I did my research,and decided to buy a Sony RDR-HXD model... and seem to have spent the next half of my life trying to get the damned thing to record my footage!

In the end, I gave up and contacted the help desk at Sony...BIG mistake! The chap there told me that it is not possible to record footage from a HD camcorder onto Std def DVD.

No amount of explaining on my part that the users manual for the HC3 clearly states that you CAN do this, that the cam converts the output to ordinary DV when required (just for this purpose), and that in fact I HAD been doing just that for the past 12 months, would convince him otherwise! question at last....does anybody know why my new Sony will NOT record from my cam, despite my setting the outputs on the cam correctly...or at least, as the book advises, and how it worked on the Philips?

The footage from the cam is displayed on the TV screen when I press play, but the recorder pops up with "device not connected", or words to that effect...bizarre, considering it is displaying the output from that device, but it utterly refuses to record it!

Please help, kind people with brains....age and living it up in the 60`s has rendered mine as inoperable as the Sony recorder!


  M E 00:44 21 Oct 2007

1: How are you connecting the Sony HDR-HC3 camcorder to the Sony RDR-HXD, i.e. Cable.

2: Which model Number Sony RDR-HXD ???

  debege 11:53 21 Oct 2007

Hi M E,
(1)I connected the camcorder to the DVD recorder with an `I`link (or firewire) cable

(2)The recorder is the RDR-HXD970, brand new, straight out of the box.

Incedentaly, I went into a Sony centre shop in London yesterday, clutching my camcorder and cable, and asked them to try to record from it onto the 970 they had in the store.

After much effort, the manager was also unable to succeed-he had the same probs I had,i.e,when the `manual record` or `one touch record`options were clicked, the 970 displayed the footage from the cam, but at the same time a window popped up saying "device not connected", and absolutely refused to record anything.(the 970 is connected to the TV via HDMI cable)

The old Philips DVD recorder which DID record footage from this cam onto std. def DVD discs(using the same connection cable) is the DVDR 890.
I wish to god that had not seemed a better machine, even though I have always liked Sony equipment.

Thanks, Dave.

  flashfun 15:03 21 Oct 2007

1.Put a DVD into your DVD driver and then run Lenogo click here] DVD to iPhone Converter.

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2. Click the button "Open DVD", then there will be a dialog as below. If you want to convert the whole DVD, just press "OK"

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3. The dialog will show a content table which displays what DVD will be converted. You can click plus "+" on the DVD title tree.

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4. Probably you hope to change the title of DVD. To do this, write down your desired name on the Title box, it should be the name displayed on your iPhone. To select a subtitle, you need to select the correct Title and select the responding subtitle in the drop-down box. To choose audio, you need to refer appropriate subtitle.

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5. You can save the converted file at hard disc by clicking button "Save as". By pressing the button "Browse", you can change the default folder.

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6. Start converting by pressing button "Click". The conversion process will be displayed on the top. You can preview the DVD movie in the Preview Display on the right

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7. When the conversion is completed, the folder where you save the converted file will open automatically. If you want to convert another DVD movie, select menu "Edit -> Remove All", and then go to the step 3.

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  debege 21:31 21 Oct 2007

Hi Flashfun,
I think you misunderstand my prob mate, I am not trying to burn a DVD on a PC, the device I am having probs with is a stand alone Sony DVD/HDD recorder.
Cheers, Dave.

  debege 17:39 22 Oct 2007

Hello.....M E......Anybody.....Pretty please???

I need your help please peeps

Cheers, Dave

  debege 17:23 23 Oct 2007

Hey people with brains...if you do not fancy helping me, how about my dear wife...she is a nice lady who gains great pleasure from watching her holiday memories now that she has would be deeply appreciated, honest!!!!

  anchor 16:18 24 Oct 2007

I am sure that we would all be willing to help if we could. However, you have already confirmed that your Sony recorder just will NOT do the job, (despite what it said in the book).

If you cannot exchange the recorder, then an option would be to consider getting something like "Corel DVD Movie Factory 6 Plus". You could download the video direct from the camera to the PC, edit, and burn.

click here

  100andthirty 18:24 24 Oct 2007

Did you specifically select this DVD recorder to do this job and did the shop assure you it did? If so return it saying that it's not fit for its intended purpose. Perhaps they can demonstrate it working to you!!

Then you can get one that does the job you want it to

  debege 19:00 24 Oct 2007

Hi Anchor,

Many thanks for you reply, but I am less convinced than you seem to be that the confirmation that the 970 will not perform the task I require is trustworthy...mad as that may sound!

Bear in mind that I set the two Sony devices up, and I am sad to admit that I am a total numpty at technical procedures....I may well have got something wrong....I was just hoping that somebody out there would have the same setup, and would thus know the answer instantly, be it a downloadable softwear/firmware upgrade, or simply something dumb and basic I had cocked up.

True, the chap in the Sony shop came up with the same results, but he admited he was no expert. He also promissed to look in to it and let me know what the real experts had to say....sadly, he did not come back to me as promissed.

Probably the most useful thing he did do was to confirm my suspicions that the Sony customer service department was not the best at answering technical probs (in his words...especially not on a Friday afternoon!!!) and that at least some some of the information I had received from that source was patently not correct.

With all that in mind, I would have thought that accepting that a rather elderly, fairly cheap and low tech Philips DVD recorder could record footage from a Sony camcorder, while an upto date, highly rated top of the range Sony recorder can not would seem.....illogical, to say the least????

Sorry to waffle on again at such great length, but this prob is driving me absolutely nuts....not that I had far to go.....

Cheers, Dave.

  debege 19:24 24 Oct 2007

Hi 100andthirty,

Thanks for your answer, I selected this recorder purely on the fact that it was rated as "best buy", best at just about everything, in the all the never even entered my mind that it were possible that it may not do what my old Philips accomplished so beautifully and simply!

I am sure it may well be possible to take the device is just that I had hoped, as I said, that some kind soul with more abillity than me (I was not humble enough to ask one of my grandchildren...don`t laugh!!)...would come to my rescue.

If this device IS the bees knees at recording, it would drive me nuts to buy something that was not as good, just because my stupidity did not allow me to operate the Sony correctly....of course, if it can NOT perform the task....Hey ho!!

Cheers good people,


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