Solar Laptop Chargers??

  rattyjunk 22:15 03 Aug 2006

I'll soon be buying the following laptop (See Link)

click here

I want to use this on the move and was wondering if anyone knows of a good solar charger to charge and also to sustain constant use.

Your help would be most welcome

  De Marcus™ 22:30 03 Aug 2006

On the move in a car, public transport or leg power?

  rattyjunk 22:39 03 Aug 2006

Well I'm moving to an Island where electricity is very expensive so hence the need for alternative power and by on the move I mean by foot

  De Marcus™ 22:53 03 Aug 2006

I'd doubt very much that a solar panel can provide you with the sort of power you'll need for that kind of laptop, at least one that's portable anyway. What about a suitcase generator?

  De Marcus™ 22:55 03 Aug 2006

Even something like this click here I think would struggle, and also require an inverter (added expense).

  rattyjunk 23:04 03 Aug 2006

Thanks for the help :)

I may have to email Alienware and get some power requirements and go from there

  De Marcus™ 23:08 03 Aug 2006

Let us know how you get on, I had a vaguely similar thread recently click here

  dms05 07:44 04 Aug 2006

I have a motorhome with a solar panel capable of delivering 80 watts at 12 volts. The panel measures 95cm x 40cm and weighs 10kg. You'd then need a converter from 12v to your laptop voltage. My solar panel cost considerably more than my laptop. As your laptop uses the same power as a light bulb running, even from very high priced mains electric, must make more sense.

  Jimmy14 13:25 04 Aug 2006

Taking a desktop replacement laptop with low battery life and a big power cable on the move is a big challenge which I wouldn't encourage. If it's for on the move then buy a portable laptop.

  Forum Editor 17:03 05 Aug 2006

It will some solar panel that runs that machine. The size of panel required to run a laptop is pretty big, and in the solar panel industry size means cost.

  Belatucadrus 01:55 12 Aug 2006

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