software to convert video and photos onto one dvd?

  theDarkness 15:12 21 Jul 2010

Im after software that will create a family dvd of both all my jpg photos and family clips (avi/mp4) onto one dvd, with as many options as possible to design the final menu? I have tried 3 free/trial programs out, but they are no where near as good as they should be :-

EffectMatrix "free dvd photo slideshow" - looks good, but has not been optimised- so its far too slow, even on a fast machine, to use comfortably-cpu is constantly at 100%-but then the program is freeware.

Anvsoft PhotoDVD Maker - it works, but the output looks terrible, and each menu chapter is always labelled 1,2,3,4 - if I have 8 chapters and click to view the next page, the following options are again parts 1,2,3,4, with their new names, which will just confuse! Also, names that are too long go off the screen, so its nowhere near as professional enough.

VSO Software PhotoDVD - looks great and very pro output.. but does not accept videos, only still images/photos :(

So are there any better programs out there that will accept both jpg and (mainly) mp4 to create my family dvd? I would like the program to be able to add music, choose how long each image is on the screen for, with a random effect as each photo changes to the next, but thats it. Any recommendations? thanks

  mole44 05:53 22 Jul 2010

i`ve just bought Magix "easy video" (£20 or so from Amazon)simple and easy to use,no climbing mountains to figure it out.I`ve paired that up with Ion video2PC so that i can use my old Sony analogue camcorder to transfer my tapes.As a point why do software companies make software so complicated to use,we do not need 20 ways to do one item,sorry just a personel moan of mine.KISS should be the moto "Keep It Simple Stupid"

I`ll get my hat and coat and be on my way then

  theDarkness 13:51 22 Jul 2010

thanks will have a look :)

  Kevscar1 05:41 26 Jul 2010

Vista comes with DVD maker, you can do everything you would want with that.

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