Slave TV problem

  flaming 03:10 10 Jan 2006

'Til recently I ran trouble-free a portable slave TV, for use in the next room and the upstairs of my duplex flat. Now the picture is much degraded. Also,upstairs,it displays thick, horizontal bars, fast-moving down the screen like microwave interference. The communal satellite aerial(which I don't subscribe to, but am right under)could have been upgraded or could it be my own VCR at fault? Any ideas, please? There is a small transmitter/receiver atop each TV, no wires between.

  DieSse 11:19 10 Jan 2006

*could it be my own VCR at fault?*

can you explain the reference to the VCR - what function is it performing?

  DieSse 11:21 10 Jan 2006

It sounds a lot like a faulty sender/receiver - how are they connected at each end - and I'd still like to know how the VCR figures in all this.

  flaming 12:11 10 Jan 2006

First I have what I think of as the normal set-up, i.e. signal coming in to a VCR from a "normal" TV cable aerial so that I can record, and output from that to the TV. The recordings are pretty reasonable. This is a dodgy reception area. Next I added a Thomson video sender which I saw advertised in a mag.- Innovations maybe - for about £100. Thus by using this item - one half plugged to the VCR feeding the main TV, and the other sitting on top of the slave TV in another room, also connected to the VCR input, of that TV. As I said it has worked well for about 2 years until this recent trouble.

  DieSse 12:17 10 Jan 2006

Is the receiving end of the sender in theother room connected to the VCR with a SCART?

How is this VCR connected to the TV - SCART or aerial cable.

If there's aerial cables involved - it could just be a tuning problem. If it's all SCART connections, then my opinion is that the sender/receiver has gone wronf somewhere.

What kind af antenna does the sender/receiver have - is it jst a rod - or a flatiish plate - have you tried moving it around?

  flaming 12:22 10 Jan 2006

Let me say that I had a TV bloke in to connect up as I have only glimmers of knowledge about such things but I had recognised the item as being the solution to getting TV in other rooms where there are no aerial points. The little video sender could have "worn out"? Also, I have this "normal" aerial which I suspect must be connected to the roof communal satellite aerial. My cable must go into this dish with all the other cables from people who subscribe to Sky. That is why I suspect that aerial- the firm come periodically and fiddle about with the roof aerial this time perhaps to my detriment. The slave developed this display in mid-December. But I would like to know my facts before I ring them.

  flaming 12:36 10 Jan 2006

I have had a look at the primary TV. There is a thin white lead from the aerial point to the VCR. There is a Scart connection between TV and VCR, the one from the VCR has an extension plug in from which the sender wire comes. On the slave there is no Scart, just thin wires one for TV to the mains, one mains to video sender. The sender has a red/white/yellow terminal arrangement between it and the TV.

  flaming 12:51 10 Jan 2006

I would take VCR in to a repair shop if it is the culprit.That was my first thought - but, a needless expense? Also, it occurred that another flat might have something installed causing this massive interference on the floor above but I have dismissed this because of the position.(my flat is divided into two floors at th top of a block). Also, co-incidentally my own microwave oven has developed a fault (turntable not going round) and an engineer is coming tomorrow. The slave is often plugged in to a position roughly above the microwave oven in the kitchen. I am having the safety of it checked, as I wondered whether microwaves could be escaping?

  flaming 13:01 10 Jan 2006

Lastly I am close to the magnetic fields of (a) the tube railway and (b) at all microwave tower, like a mini-pylon some distance away on the tube railway land. That has always been there but maybe something added? Or maybe thinning of screening foliage (as the company Tubelines did last month) has let more microwave beams through - sorry if that sounds daft but I have been racking my brains for reasons why there is thissudden interference, and I have considered even far-fetched ideas. I don't know enough to rule out theories. I'm afraid there is nothing I can add. I could (a) have a TV engineer come here or (b) give up and subscribe to the satellite aerial.

  DieSse 14:28 10 Jan 2006

The sender from the main VCR is picking up it's signal from the VCR tuner. The VCR needs to be working and switched on for that to function.

The channels ON THE MAIN VCR also need to be tuned in correctly - if the tuning is off then you will get what looks like bad interference.

If you record on the main VCR how good is the picture when you replay?

I don't think it will be outside interference - it's very very rare for it to be strong enough to cause such effects.

  DieSse 14:29 10 Jan 2006

Another question - If you play a commercial pre-recorded video on the main VCR - and watch it on the slave TV - is the picture OK. If it is then the sender is working OK.

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