Sky+ scart or S video?

  numskull 09:15 11 Sep 2007

Which is the best connection for watching Sky+ S video or scart?

  holme 17:11 11 Sep 2007

SCART is a multi-purpose connection system and, depending on the unit to which it is connected, can transfer video signals (and stereo audio) to any of the following standards:

'Composite' - Video (only, not audio as well) all down one single line so generally accepted to be limited quality. Sometimes called 'PAL' or just 'Video'.

'S-video' - The high-definition monochrome signal and lesser-definition colour signals are carried on separate lines, with their own earths. Can also be transferred by 4-pin mini-DIN plugs/sockets. Generally accepted to be much surperior to composite video.

'RGB' - the three primary colours are passed along 3 separate lines. Generally accepted to be superior to S-video but not by a huge amount.

In the SCART system, composite video is always available, in both directions.

If enabled within the unit(s), and configured typically via the Set-up menus, you may also have /either/ S-video /or/ RGB - but not both - and they will be either IN or OUT, but not both.

So to answer your question: the best connection for viewing Sky is RGB; connect via SCART. But you must configure the box to output RGB, otherwise you'll get only Composite video.

Other units such as a DVD player may allow you to output (e.g.) RGB via the SCART plug (needs to be configured) /and/ S-video (to another unit) from the additional S-video socket. HTH.

  numskull 18:23 11 Sep 2007

Thanks. I did a google search and that seems to be the general opinion too. RGB is better than S video.

  holme 18:40 11 Sep 2007

Which reminds me: as far as I can recall, you can only get either RGB or Composite video ('PAL') out of a Sky box, so S-video isn't an available option.

But I think Sky+ boxes have a supplementary S-video out port (4-pin DIN).

  numskull 18:58 11 Sep 2007

They do, that's why I could not decide which is the best to use.

  holme 20:56 11 Sep 2007

Oh dear, I'm so sorry, I misread your orginal post, my hearing's getting worse with age...

As you have Sky+, then you can configure the SCART OUT socket to send RGB to, say, your TV. And /also/ an S-video connection to something else, if you wish. Lots of possibles but, for example, a high-quality video link to a TV/video card in a computer. Or some monitors have an S-video IN for TV.

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