Sky+ RF 2 Reception

  yzfr6 15:10 16 Sep 2006

I've SKY+ in the living room and have connected via TV LINK to the bedroom but the reception is rubbish
very snowy, cable between the 2 is about 3m any ideas how to get a better reception

  ArrGee 15:36 16 Sep 2006

Have you configured the TV Link correctly from RF2?

  ArrGee 15:39 16 Sep 2006

Here is a link to configure the TV LINK (which I am assuming is the same as Magic Eye, please correct me if I'm wrong)
click here
Also, try scanning for the box at a different frequency as you may be picking up a 'ghost' channel.

  yzfr6 16:12 16 Sep 2006

hi yes tried all the things you said no change ? any other soultions

  BRYNIT 16:13 16 Sep 2006

Check the cable to make sure that the end are done correctly also check for damage to the cable.

How to connect coaxial cables click here

If you have switched the RF out power supply on and have acidentily touched the end of the coaxial cable or the TV Link trying to plug it into the TV this can cause a problem. Unplug the Digi box for a few minutes and plug back in.

If you have connected it to a video recorder you may find the RF frequency is conflicting with the Digi box.

  yzfr6 16:22 16 Sep 2006

thanks will try those next

  yzfr6 17:53 16 Sep 2006

still know luck still snowy don't know what else to try

  BRYNIT 18:58 16 Sep 2006

Connect the main TV from RF1 to RF2 on your digi box. If the TV works it would indicate that the problem could still be with the cable.

Another thing to try is bring the TV from the bedroom into the living room to check if the problem is with the TV.

  rodriguez 15:46 17 Sep 2006

Do you have the aerial plugged into the Sky+ box as well? In some cases this causes interference between the RF output from the Sky box and the analogue TV channels. Unplug the aerial and try it and if the signal improves, then you'll need to move the Sky+ box to another frequency out of the way of the analogue channels. To do this, press Services, then 4, 0, 1 then Select. In the installer menu, press 4 for RF Outlets and change it to a channel number away from the analogue TV channels. You'll need to keep tuning the TV to the new number as well so that it stays tuned to the Sky box. You might need to try a few different channel numbers, but eventually you'll find one that works. If the picture is still snowy after you unplugged the aerial, then the problem could be with the cable connectors so try another cable.

  yzfr6 19:20 17 Sep 2006

thanks for all the advice. all sorted cable was damaged by carpet fitter, installed new cable
and the picture is great

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