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  laurie53 07:57 10 Jan 2008

How do I convince Sky that I do not live in the television area they say I do?

At the moment I can get my local programmes on analogue terrestrial but that will change with digital changeover.

Even though my house featured in a local news programme some time ago, Sky still insist on sending me news from another region.

There are only two of us in this post code, and my neighbour does not have Sky, so it's not like there's a big footprint to be considered.

  ^wave^ 08:13 10 Jan 2008

which region

  anskyber 11:39 10 Jan 2008

Can you ask them to sync it to a postcode which gives you the right region, ie not your own?

  BRYNIT 16:21 10 Jan 2008

If it is BBC1 news press the TV guide/all chanels and input 971 from here you will find the list of all the BBC1 chanels on your sky box.

  laurie53 20:43 10 Jan 2008

^wave^ - I should be in Grampian, Sky say I'm in Scottish.

aanskyber - I used to automatically get Grampian on Sky Ch 103. However, one day I found I was getting Scottish. Enquiries with Sky revealed that they had simply decided to transfer me. I have tried all manner of approaches to return to the previous set up, including asking Grampian for help, but of course since they're both owned by SMG they're not that bothered, as long as they've just got a viewer.

BRYNIT - I know that all BBC channels are available, and that Grampian is available under other channels, but unless ITV settle their dispute with Sky over other regions and go down the same road as the BBC I seem to be stuck with news from the Central Belt.

  SANTOS7 20:55 10 Jan 2008

click here

could try adding it as an extra channel, grampian is listed

  laurie53 07:31 11 Jan 2008

SANTOS7 & ├četa - As I already said to BRYNIT, I'm aware that Grampian is available under "Other Channels". Unfortunately it's not available with Sky+.

Don't forget also that whenever there's a power failure, a not unusual happening in the Grampian TV area in the winter, the Digibox will reset, and all "Other Channels" disappear.

My problem is not with actually receiving Grampian, but with receiving it, as my regional broadcaster, using the EPG, as I used to.

  laurie53 08:22 12 Jan 2008

Yes, but why should Sky be allowed to decide which region I will watch? I know it's their company, but they are in a monopoly situation and should therefore be subject to some form of oversight.

Since the BBC don't have regional TV in Scotland, only radio, I am stuck with no local TV news, or will be once analogue ceases.

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