Hullite 08:22 16 Aug 2006

I am about to have my sky package upgraded to HD this weekend and my old sky box moved upstairs so i have multi room capability. Due to the location of my house we watch all our tv through the digital box as the reception through the terrestrial aerial is very poor even with a booster. As this the first time we have had TV upstairs my daughters have asked me a question which is my question here, is it possible to watch the TV from more than one room upstairs from this one digibox. As far as i am aware the sky fitter will only fit the box in one room. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  ArrGee 09:50 16 Aug 2006

YEs, you can watch the TV from more than one room, however, all TVs connected to one box will all have to watch the same channel supplied by the box. You can also install a 'Smart Eye' (click here) on each TV to change channels.

  Hullite 11:21 16 Aug 2006

This eye looks a good bit of kit, just one other question sorry for been bit of a biff but what do i need to connect all tvs to one digibox is there some kind of good adaptor on the market that would take care of this.

  ArrGee 11:53 16 Aug 2006

Depends on how many TVs you wish to connect. There are two RF Out connections on the back of the box which will allow you to send the signal out to an additional two TVs. However, these can be split to accomodate more TVs.

Please note that the Smart Eye will only work on the output from RF Out 2.

  ArrGee 11:57 16 Aug 2006

Here are some splitters
click here

  Hullite 12:28 16 Aug 2006

Thanks ArrGee for your assistance hopefully get my daughters off my back now

  rodriguez 16:28 17 Aug 2006

Your dish will have a quad LNB fitted - that means it will support having 4 seperate satellite leads from 1 dish. Sky HD and Sky+ need 2 of these leads, your extra box will use another 1 and there will be one free, which means if you want to pay a bit extra you could get another Sky digibox fitted in another room as well.

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