Sky Dish For Humax FreeSat Box.

  prince midas 11:30 26 Nov 2008

I may have posted originally on the wrong forum but I am now here.My question is when I purchase the new Freesat Box from Humax will I have to replace the single LNB on my Sky Box to receive and record on the Humax,with a new Twin LNB.

Also could I run the existing Sky Box and also the new Humax box by keeping the existing single LNB and also have a cable on the same Dish with a twin LNB to run both systems at once for recording purposes.
In other words 2 separate cables.

  prince midas 11:32 26 Nov 2008

Sorry I meant the cables going to the Sky Dish not the Sky Box.

  John B 04:44 28 Nov 2008

Use a quad lnb.

  JITC1 08:53 29 Nov 2008

I have sky with a quad LNB on my dish. Do I just have to run a cable to the freesat box to get the HD channels.

  JITC1 08:58 29 Nov 2008

I have just seen ths click here

would this work on the Humax?

  oresome 10:53 02 Dec 2008

It would, with the limitations expressed in the description. Not really a good idea.

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